What Happens to Your Body When You Sit All Day?

Do you feel pain in your back and other parts of your body? One of the reasons this happens is because of your sedentary lifestyle. You probably sit for hours in front of a computer or laptop because of work. But it has short and long-term adverse effects on your body, including muscle pains, discomfort, and even fatigue.

Experts on back pain treatment from Long Beach, CA and other areas say prolonged sitting can take a toll on your body.

Weight Gain

When you sit all day, you will likely gain weight and increase the possibility of becoming obese. Moving makes the muscles in your body process carbs and fats better. Sitting all day makes your belly fatter and your lower body wider.

Lower Back Pain

Sitting down for hours strains your lower back. This position puts a lot of pressure on the muscles on your back because it has to keep the body erect and steady. Avoid lower back pain by getting up and walking after a few hours of sitting. You can also do a few exercises in your home office or at work during your breaks.

Weaker Glutes and Legs

One of the main problems caused by sitting all day is muscle atrophy. The lower back isn’t the only part that will feel the negative effects but also the glutes and legs. These two lower muscle groups keep your body stable (as if you didn’t know, you need these two to walk properly). Sitting strains both muscle groups and weakens them.

Tightness in the Hips

The main parts hit by sitting for hours are in the middle to lower parts of your body; one of them is the hips. Sitting all day may cause the hip flexors to tighten and shorten. You’ll have a lower range of motion and poor flexibility once this happens. A poor sitting position may also lead to the compression of the discs, which may result in premature degeneration of the spine.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep vein thrombosis is a  blood clot that affects the legs and may have severe damage if not addressed immediately. It can cut off proper blood flow, which may then result in a pulmonary embolism or, worse, death. Sitting for hours increases the likelihood of developing this ailment.

Higher Risk for Getting Diabetes

If you sit all day, you have a 112% higher chance of getting diabetes. Combine sitting for hours with a sedentary lifestyle, and you’ll have this chronic ailment within a few years. Stand every once in a while to let blood flow and activate your muscles. Do some exercises to strengthen your muscles and stay fit despite working for hours at home or in the office.

Stiff  Neck and Shoulders

Man suffering from stiff neck

Sitting for an entire day doesn’t only hurt the back, glutes, and legs but also the neck and shoulders. Hunching over a computer and typing all day puts a lot of pressure on your neck and shoulders.

These are some of the adverse effects of sitting for hours. Avoid this and practice a healthy, active lifestyle. Get some exercise and eat the right way.

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