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Evelyn Pepperson

Evelyn Pepperson

As a young girl, Evelyn studied homeopathy and alternative medicine extensively, graduating with a degree in Alternative Medicine studies from one of the top institutions in the country. She became vegan in her teens, a move wholly supported by her proud hippie parents. She ran a successful homeopathy practice on the east coast for 10 years before moving to the Pacific Northwest to focus on her family.

She regularly practices yoga with her wonderful husband, Charles, who runs a successful Accounting firm, and is a proud momma to their 1-year old child Lennon.

Joanne Tyson

joanne Tyson

Joanne Tyson’s love for the environment started when she was in 3rd grade, when her parents took her on a summer road trip to see the natural wonders of the country. She is currently majoring in Environmental Studies and has organized numerous social outreach programs that teach people about sustainable living, alternative energy, and home gardening.

On the weekends, Joanne likes to play board games with her girlfriend, go hiking in one of the many nature trails in her college, and do research on the latest developments in sustainable living.

Joanne Tyson

Kelly Rowan

Before entering college, Kelly took a gap year and backpacked across Asia. There, she stumbled on the town of Kamikatsu in Japan. Kamikatsu is a small town that is working hard to become zero-waste by 2020. Inspired by this, she came back to the country with a renewed passion for environmental conservation. She graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies, and is now one of the lead researchers in a top conservation NGO in the west coast.

Kelly is a voracious reader, but she prefers Young Adult novels in her spare time. She practices yoga regularly, joining Evelyn and Charles whenever she can.

The concept of total wellness recognizes that our every thought, word, and behavior affects our greater health and well-being. And we, in turn, are affected not only emotionally but also physically and spiritually.

Greg Anderson
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