What can the price of a cappuccino get you?

If an award winning website that is constantly monitored and updated with the aim of featuring on Google’s page one for particular keywords sounds appealing, then look no further than experts who have created such dental websites for many years.

For nothing more than the price of a cup of coffee, dentists can seek the support and guidance of trained and experienced professionals who have worked in this field extensively, allowing a calm and confident approach to take place. These experts understand that dentists do hugely important and skilled jobs – and this is what they do best, not managing websites.

It can be immensely stressful to work through the compliance expectations, to garner a following and express oneself in the right way digitally when so much else is more pressing. So by letting an award-winning team handle this side of a business, then dentists can get back to enjoying their role whilst finding more and more new patients come through their doors as a result.

What are some of the features that are included?

Each dental practice is unique because each head dentist and their team are a unique group of individuals. By taking the time to understand these certain quirks that make any given dental practice something entirely its own, then a bespoke approach can be made to the website production.

That being said, every website produced will always be GDC, CQC, ICO and GDPR compliant, meaning that dentists can rest assured, knowing that they are not unwittingly crossing any lines that could land them and their business in a lot of trouble, which would be damaging for business and their reputation.

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Furthermore, a personal introduction is given some attention, allowing the dentist to share what it is they do differently that sets them apart from the rest. Although written content is incredibly effective, by using video and visual tools to portray information as quickly as possible, it has been found that many viewers of a website find this to be a modern and appealing approach.

How can this be done effectively?

Professionals can work with many features of a website and use different mediums to get the information across in the most effective way. Images are often used to share more about who is on the dental team, so that potential patients can put a face to each of the names and create a semblance of familiarity before they even walk through the door. This can help with those who are nervous of the dentist and may even encourage some who are hesitating at getting the treatments that they need.

Video can be used for testimonials as well as premises walk throughs, a modern approach that has been found to be incredibly effective. For both of these concepts they can anticipate how a patient will feel both during and after treatment, which will undoubtedly be relaxed, confident and feeling great about the final results.

There is much that goes into the production of a website and a lot of this is subtle and well thought out. By seeking professionals to support this, dentists can ensure that they are sending the right message.

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