5 Essential Qualities of a Great Dentist

When we come to think of it, we owe a lot to our dentists more than just by having a great set of teeth. In fact, a lot of us would surely say that the way our dentists helped us take care of our oral health needs has improved our self-confidence and even our way of life.

But whether we admit it or not, not all dentists are the same. Some of them are terrific at what they do, while some are just your average kind. For this reason, there should be some parameters on what qualities our dentist should have for us to know that we’re in good hands. Here are some of those qualities:

Genuinely concerned about their patients

An individual who has a trusted dentist at Orchard Road might always feel comfortable during a visit or appointment. He may not know exactly how the dentist does it, but every time he sits on the dental chair, he doesn’t feel anxious.

Well, maybe it is because of how the dentist shows his genuine care for what the patient is feeling during a dental procedure such as tooth extraction or oral prophylaxis. Each time he does sensitive and potentially painful procedures, the dentist would routinely ask if the patient is in pain. If so, he would pause and do something that would reassure lessen the pain.

Insatiable drive to improve skills and knowledge

Another key quality of a great dentist is the insatiable desire to learn new things about dentistry through continuous professional training. While some dentists are contented with the knowledge they’ve acquired in school, smart dentists know that they must strive to cope with the rapid changes in the field of dentistry. With this, they are always eager to attend conferences and pursue further studies so that they could serve their patients more effectively.

Does not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach

Great dentists know that each patient has unique needs, concerns, and apprehensions when it comes to oral health. While average dentists would be happy with a formulaic approach in dealing with their patients, the better ones would painstakingly implement a treatment plan that is 100% unique to every patient. For them, the kind of results that they provide by going to such lengths is worth the extra attention to detail.

Excellent communication skills

dentist explaining the x-ray to his patient

The best dentists know the importance of communicating everything to their patients properly. This would include the details of procedures they do on patients, why such procedures are important, and what the patients must do to ensure that dental processes done on them would be successful. Great dentists won’t keep their patients guessing and in the dark about critical matters pertaining to their oral health. Instead, they explain everything in a simple language.

Strong organizational skills

Great dentists have strong organizational skills, which include proper records keeping. Diligent maintenance of patients’ dental records is critical, as there have been countless instances when patients’ dental records are used to identify their remains in the event of a fire or other incidents. Notwithstanding such a morbid thought, having the proper organization of patients’ records is also a way to keep track of their previous dental visits and other pieces of information that is necessary for proper treatments.

Does your dentist possess these qualities? If so, then you are in good hands. You can expect great service and genuine concern about you and your oral health.

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