Things You Can Do to Gain Confidence Before a Job Interview

For many of us, going through a job interview is akin to jumping off a plane. You feel the adrenaline in your bloodstream, yes, but it also feels like you’re going to vomit anytime. Your hands are sweaty. Your heart is pumping. These are signs that you’re not confident about your abilities. You might be questioning if you’re qualified for the position that you’re applying for. We all feel this way when we’re facing a life-changing job interview.

As superficial as it may sound, looks are important in a job interview. You might want to visit an Invisalign dentist in Redwood City to check your braces before going to a job interview. You should also have your teeth cleaned and your browses trimmed. Everything about you—from your hair down to your shoes—will be judged by the interviewer.

Prepare for the Interview

One of the reasons people feel inadequate during a job interview is that they have not prepared for it. But if you know for a fact that you have done your homework, you won’t feel that anything can be a hindrance to you getting hired. Read about the company. Study what they are looking for and what they do. Make sure that you know about their corporate advocacy.

Be kind to yourself. Pamper yourself the night before the interview. Have a long luxurious bath. Do things that are relaxing for you, such as reading a book or watching your feel-good movie.

Normalize the Idea of Rejection

People get rejected all the time. Wedding proposals, job interviews, and college applications are some of the most common situations when people get rejected. These shouldn’t be a fearful thing. Try to normalize rejection. When you don’t get called for a second interview, that does not mean that you aren’t good enough. If you don’t get the job offer, some other company will soon. It’s not the end of the world if this particular job interview isn’t successful. You will survive this no matter what happens.

Use Power Poses

woman having an interviewYour body language will tell a lot about how confident you are as a candidate for a job. Speak slowly so that you don’t make silly mistakes. Pausing when you speak will even help you gain control of the conversation. You should also maintain eye contact all the time. This shows confidence and assurance. Hiring managers love that. Sit up straight and smile during the interview.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Employers love it when the candidates ask them questions. It shows that they are curious about the job and the company. The message is clear: You are looking for the right job. You will be more appealing to the hiring manager if this is the kind of message your tone, body positioning, and eye contact will send. But remember not to be cocky or arrogant. Too much confidence is a bad thing, too.

Showing confidence during job interviews will help you clinch the job. It’s a way of impressing your future employers. Remember that this is the first impression they will get of you. They must see you as someone fit to be a member of their organization.

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