The Truth Behind Some of the Most Common Weight Loss Myths

Woman pinching her bellyThere are a lot of myths that surround weight loss, which makes it difficult for people to identify which “facts” are actually factual. That’s why it’s best for us to only read legit weight loss information and guide others.

For example, a free ebook online might be more credible than a fitness magazine released a long time ago — not that they published wrong information, it just might no longer be the case these days.

To help you identify fact from fiction, listed below are a few of the most common myths about weight loss. Keep reading to learn how you can lose those extra pounds — the proper way.

Myth #1: Food supplements can help you shed off pounds

There are several food supplements that claim to produce drastic results. However, most of these food supplements are yet to be proven effective. The main reason it works on some individuals is the placebo effect. People often fall prey to their advertisements because of their desire to lose the extra pounds.

If anything, these supplements are just to aid your energy levels so that you can work out for longer periods. In other cases, some body builders take supplements to gain muscle. Know your fitness goals first before taking any food supplements alongside your weight loss efforts.

Myth # 2: People who are overweight have the obesity gene

Doctor measuring a man's bodyIt might be surprising, but most people believe that people who are overweight have the obesity gene inside them. However, this myth has no factual basis. Although half of the population have FTO (the obesity gene), it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be overweight for most of their lives.

There are those who still manage to maintain a healthy weight despite the fact that they have these gene variants inside them. Granted they have to work extra harder than the average person, having the obesity gene isn’t a life sentence and shouldn’t have to be.

Myth #3: Eating less while exercising more is good for you

It is the oldest trick in the book — it even sounds like a no-brainer. And although it might seem like a good idea, doing so may lead to a serious weight problem. Simply telling people who want to lose weight fast that they should consume less food while doing more exercises can be dangerous.

We all have a required number of calories we need to consume in a day in order to function properly without compromising health. It’s best to advise them to ask help from a licensed nutritionist to know which diet would help them lose some extra pounds.

Losing weight can be a tough ordeal. And the prevalence of information that is not only false but also dangerous in terms of health only makes the journey more difficult.

It’s best, therefore, to consult an expert about how you could lose weight in healthy ways or look for only the most credible resources on it to learn as much as you can — and as correctly as you can — about weight loss.

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