Taking a look at the options to straighten teeth

If an individual is looking to straighten their teeth in a discreet way, then invisible braces is certainly the option to choose. By speaking with a dentist, patients can determine what treatment will be the most effective for their unique smile to allow the true beauty to shine through whilst improving their health and wellbeing as well.

All options will be provided and a detailed analysis of the advantages and disadvantages to a patient’s personal situation will be discussed, as well as expected time frames and complete costs of the treatment. With this in mind, a dentist will suggest what they believe to be the best option, however, the final choice will lie with the patient and professionals know to respect and trust this decision.

Only by completely understanding one another can both patient and dentist work towards a mutual goal. Only then, can the right kinds of actions be taken in order to swiftly and decisively approach that goal.

Without further ado, there are several invisible options that patients can choose from so that they can discreetly straighten their teeth. Often provided to adults, but available for teenagers as well in certain situations, these devices have been proven to be effective and can transform a misaligned smile into a magnificent one!

Six Month Smiles

These are less conspicuous than traditional braces and work in a unique way. As the name suggests, these take only 6 months to work, a quarter of the time of most other treatments that work with similar applications. This device is fixed to teeth and the wires that connect the brackets that are attached to teeth have a memory that gradually pulls the brackets and teeth into alignment.


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Famously popular, this treatment has seen millions of individuals worldwide achieve their oral health goals. This removable, clear plastic aligner is changed every couple of weeks, gradually pushing teeth into their correct alignment. The secret weapon to this device is the iTero scanner, which digitally processes the position of teeth and plans the movement for optimal results.

For this treatment to be effective, patients need to wear their aligners for at least 20 hours every day. Because it is not fixed in the mouth, for those individuals who are concerned about their motivation, they will need to go that extra length to ensure that their investment does not go to waste.

Inman Aligner

Although not invisible, this device is rather inconspicuous as it is a simple thin metal wire across the front of teeth. These are immensely effective and results can be achieved in as little as 6 weeks. Often, this treatment is recommended for people looking to straighten their front two teeth, so if this is a concern and results want to be seen within a couple of months, then perhaps discussing this option with a dentist will be fruitful.

It should be noted that after straightening teeth with any device, a retainer will need to be worn in order to keep teeth looking straight and beautiful. This retainer may only need to be worn occasionally for a short period of time, or for the rest of the patient’s life, depending on their personal situation.

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