So you’re interested in invisible braces? 5 facts to know before choosing this treatment

So you’ve been researching ways to get straighter teeth as an adult, and you have come across a variety of options available, including invisible braces or Invisalign. What was once considered impossible is now possible in the world of dentistry and that includes orthodontics. Who would of thought 20 years ago you could straighten your teeth without the use of metal brackets and wires?

Many adults have been put off straightening their teeth due to metal braces being too noticeable. Now with invisible removable aligners, more adults are deciding to straighten their teeth.

If you have been searching for a removable aligner that is clear and has an accelerated treatment time, you will have no doubt have come across Invisalign. A custom-fitted aligner made from clear plastic, these aligners offers all these benefits and more, making it the perfect orthodontic procedure for all adults.

Still not sure on Invisalign? Here are 5 facts about this orthodontic appliance:

Fact 1- No orthodontic procedure is pain-free

Firstly, while many adult aligners may brag about offering pain-free treatments for misaligned teeth, sadly, there is no such thing.

Consider what orthodontics is; your teeth are being moved using force into different positions. While Invisalign applies a more precise manageable amount of force when moving your teeth, so you will feel some pressure, that can result in a slight bit of discomfort.

Fact 2- You will live by the clock

When it comes to invisible, removable aligners most dentists will tell you that you will need to wear them for 20-22 hours a day.

The 2 hours will be divided between eating, drinking and brushing your teeth. Very manageable.

Fact 3- You will need a toothbrush at all times

wooden toothbrushes

After you eat and before you put the brace back in, you will need to remove any plaque and food particles from your teeth. Therefore you will need a toothbrush with you at all times to reduce the risk of cavities and plaque.

Fact 4- You have to keep them in!

You will need to keep these braces in for the required time specified by your dentist.

Failure to do so may result in treatment being delayed, which can increase the overall time frame of treatment.

Fact 5- They really do work!

Finishing on a more positive note, invisible alingers really do work!

Many patients worry that a thin piece of plastic cannot provide the adequate movement required to straighten their smiles, but it can and has helped many people get straighter smiles!

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