Replenishing the smile with implants

What to do and what not to do after the fitting

Having the smile restored with one or multiple dental implants Sydney CBD, can potentially improve an individual’s confidence. The functionality of the mouth may be restored and free up the ability to bite, munch and chew any foods without limitations. Working as an alternative to natural teeth it is important to take as much care of the new implants as you would the originals.

This care and attention shortly after the implants have been inserted is extremely important so as to avoid infection. Therefore for the two weeks following on from the insertion of the implants there are a few things which need to be adhered to, ensuring that the process is a success.

Saltwater washes

As with all areas that have been open, it is important to clean the site and encourage healing. Whilst the implant and tooth replacement will in time be brushed just as normal teeth are, during the healing process this is to be avoided so as to promote rather than hinder the healing process. Therefore in order to keep the area clean it is important to rinse with lukewarm salt water up to 4 times a day.

This simple but effective cleaning process is vital, as it will remove any debris and ensure that the area remains clean whilst it heals.

Watching what you eat

Whilst in time what food is consumed will not need to be monitored or of a certain type, during the first few weeks of healing it is recommended that the foods consumed are on the softer side. This does not mean you need to have soup every day for the next 2 weeks, but rather focus on foods such as mashed fruits and vegetables rather than tackling them in their raw form. Allow the mouth to heal before returning to a regular diet.

Taking the gentle approach to a clean

Although you are to avoid brushing the implant areas, the surrounding teeth still need to be cared for efficiently. Therefore continue to brush the surrounding teeth, but ensure that the toothbrush bristles are on the softer side. This will help reduce the accidental grazes to the area whilst it heals, reducing the possibility of discomfort and damage.

Monitor your healing

As the healing process does not take place at the dental practice, it is down to you, the patient, to keep an eye on your implants and their healing. Whilst frequent checks throughout the day are common, an excellent way to monitor the changes and note any complications is to photograph the area on a regular basis. Whilst the images may not look like much to you, should any problems arise the dental team will be able to view the images and note any changes that have occurred.

Things to avoid for a few weeks after the insertion of the implants

As with all healing processes alongside the list of what to do is the list of what not to do. It is always important to follow both sides of the healing process so as to give your body the best chance of an easy recovery.

Therefore avoid putting pressure on the implant or surrounding area. Having the implant inserted into the jaw is creating a stable base, but as with all procedures, the surrounding area needs to heal to fuse the implant in place first. It is therefore vital that the implant remains in place and avoids any knocks. Should an accidental movement to the implant occur it is important to contact your dental team promptly so as to get the area checked.

Another thing to avoid is any habit which may hinder the healing process and cause infection such as smoking, eating seeded foods or spicy foods.

For short healing times, it is important to follow the advice provided by the dentist to help encourage a quick resolution.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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