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The pandemic has shuttered off basic means of communication between people. The mounting lockdowns and quarantine protocols have separated basic services from the masses. With the relatively fast vaccine rollout by the national government, people are still scrambling to look for ways to reach basic services because of the risks going out brings.

It is predicted that business would not return to normal until two to three quarters of a year from now. Even if that will be the case, herd immunity will not be reached until everyone coming in and out of the United States obtain their vaccine shots and get inoculated. Since this is a global effort, basic services will likely not be returning until everything is on the all-clear.

Even then, it is most likely that digital services and other e-consultation methods will be the popular and preferred method of formal communication. It is highly likely that these methods will still be preferred in the aftermath of the pandemic. It is a very time-saving setup that will benefit both the consultant and client.

What kind of digital health service and e-consultation assistance will be offered to the masses in the aftermath of the pandemic from here on out?

Mental Illness

Mental therapy sessions will be a popular digital health service that will surely surge even in the aftermath of the pandemic. Little do mentally healthy people realize how draining it is to attend a therapy session in person for someone in distress. Aside from that, it can also be very intimidating to lay yourself bare in front of a person you don’t even know.

Personal counseling can provide a lasting impact on a person. Sometimes, it can even spell life and death to a person, depending on the gravity of the situation. Therapy can also help those with mental illnesses be directed to the appropriate kind of help they need. Digital consultation and counseling services will also help them and allow them to get the aid they need anytime, anywhere.


Family Therapy

Family counseling and therapy will also be a popular health service that will certainly be available even after the pandemic. A lot of families right now are in dire straits. Although not seen and shared by many, it is a known fact that countless families are extremely dysfunctional. A lot of people are going no contact with each other because of their differences. It is added to the fact that many different families right now are separated by the COVID 19 situation in the United States.

Those who will put in more effort and volunteer to undergo family counseling can do so even when they are in different parts of the country. Family counseling makes reconciliation possible. It will also put less pressure on the participants to react and partake if they are not comfortable. Family treatment can be one of those digital health services that can be explored.


Online routine checkups will also be one of the digital health services that will likely transition to a more digital platform in the foreseeable future. If able, you can send your bodily fluids and samples in advance before you go schedule a consultation. These health screening services usually involve services that now can be done inside your home. Blood pressure monitors can be purchased and done by any competent person. Blood profiling can now also be done by anyone by sending some blood samples to the appropriate laboratory.

Even urinalysis and other kidney checkups, especially if you are not feeling anything serious, can be done remotely. These routinary checkups can be done optionally at home or remotely. Given the dangers of actually going to the hospital in a time of crisis, routine checkups can be done through digital methods.

Fit to Work Clearance

Fit to work clearance routines may be opted to not be done in person. The new method applied all over the world across different companies is that fit to work clearance routines from COVID quarantine and recovery may be done through virtual means. Now a popular medical e-consultation service, fit to work clearance permits are now obtained through online methods.

Physical visitations can be time-consuming and dangerous, given the pandemic. You might be opening yourself to the risk of getting infected if you go to a high-risk area where people get tested. Obtaining a clearance through a method that is very convenient is a smarter decision.

Medical e-consultation and digital health services will go away anytime soon. Because of the pandemic, most of these businesses and services are reinventing themselves in the digital field. By taking this opportunity seriously, both as an investor and a consumer, all will win.

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