Beauty Treatments That Are Nothing Like They Were Ten Years Ago

Every generation has its beauty trends and specific treatments to stand by throughout the years. Some become pillars of the beauty industry, informing all innovations that come after it. Others fade into obscurity as mistakes to forget or merely outdated rituals. As technology and technique both evolve so much in so little time nowadays, beauty treatments essentially look and work nothing like they did just ten years ago. Let’s take a look at a few of the beauty world’s staples that have shifted quite dramatically in a decade:

  • Hair Removal

This treatment covers (no pun intended) all types of hair removal, too. Waxing methods and eyebrow threading techniques had significantly shifted so that the redness afterward is not like before, where you ended up looking like you might have broken out when you exit the salon or studio. But technologically, one excellent treatment that is leagues away from the dawn of 2010 is painless permanent hair removal. Nowadays, you can get a procedure to nip those pesky hairs in the bud, throughout the whole body, and without having to endure pain and skin redness either. Plus, unlike before, there are now actual methods that ensure hair growth will no longer be a problem after application.

  • Cosmetic Surgery

This procedure has a lot of ground under its umbrella; however, anything cosmetic is much better than it was a decade back. Many procedures these days are very hard to pinpoint without keen eyes. You can get a nose job and a facelift without looking “completely made up,” and you don’t need to suffer the downtime that once came as a necessary evil with cosmetic surgery. Even the most intensive procedures only require around two weeks of rest, whereas before, you would have to hide away for long (with some even making excuses why they were unavailable) and add that unnecessary burden to yourself.

On top of that, things that were much more invasive all those years ago are just a quick visit to the doctor these days.

  • Teeth Whitening

white teeth

Teeth whitening itself has been around for thousands of years. Even our ancestors knew the importance of a good smile. In the past decade, we’ve seen lots of changes in the realm of orthodontics. That said, one of arguably the most affordable yet transformative things to get is teeth whitening. One of the popular trends we’ve seen crop up in recent years is LED teeth whitening.

It was already studied in the earlier half of the decade but arguably perfected in its latter years. Now, you can quickly get it done professionally and see visible results in just a few sessions. Or, more interestingly, you can even get this done yourself by getting a home whitening kit from reputable sources.

It’s not just trends or fads that dictate how things change. It’s the race for electronic leadership, tech innovations, and changing standards and preferences to meet. Many big treatments look super different now, and it’s interesting to think of what other upgrades and innovations might crop up in the years to come.

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