5 Common Signs You are Under Chronic Fatigue

Did you know that tiredness and fatigue are not the same medical conditions? Although most people use the two terms interchangeably, tiredness refers to regular fatigue that often goes away after taking rest or with time. On the other hand, chronic fatigue never goes away, even with time, which poses a severe health issue. However, chronic fatigue could be as a result of other underlying medical conditions. So, one of the surest ways to determine if you suffer from any form of fatigue is to visit a health practitioner for diagnosis, advises a reputable chronic fatigue treatment center in Logan.

On that, the following will highlight five of the most common signs that will help you determine whether you are experiencing chronic fatigue:

Memory problems

Stress causes havoc in a human body system, and that can be a cause of chronic fatigue. For instance, some people often forget the task they are undertaking even while in the middle of it. Such memory issues, especially forgetfulness when carrying out regular and routine tasks, are an indication of chronic fatigue.

Signs of depression

Depression is a mental problem that affects most people when under stress. The common characteristics of depression include insomnia and other sleep-related problems. Sleep-related problems cause hormonal imbalance and can cause one to exhibit depression symptoms. These problems can, altogether, affect the normal functioning of a human’s body.

Unusual headaches

Individuals experience headaches every so often after carrying out strenuous tasks. But, most of these headaches subside after taking the right medications. However, when individuals experience certain headaches, and they take longer than usual to subside, there could be a serious underlying problem. The headache could be unusual in terms of the severity of the pain, duration, and location. The headaches could also arise from simulating certain stimuli.

Decreased physical energy

Normal fatigue causes an individual to feel abnormally tired over an extended period. But, for chronic fatigue, the fatigue levels drop drastically. One suffers from low energy levels such that carrying out even the little tasks of the day is a challenge. These decreased physical energy levels end up costing you mood changes. Besides manifesting physical symptoms, chronic fatigue also causes body pains and aches. The pain could be from joint pains, sore throats, and swollen lymph nodes.

Sleeping problems

man having a sleeping problem

There are many reasons why one could have trouble getting sleep at night or when they decide to take a nap. Sleep problems manifest in different forms such as sleep apnea and insomnia. Although many factors could cause one to be sleepless, fatigue can also significantly contribute to sleep problems. Proper diagnosis is necessary to determine whether fatigue is the cause of your sleeping problems.

You can get treatment for chronic fatigue. However, you should never confuse it with regular fatigue. If you notice any of the above symptoms, and you have been feeling overly tired, it is the high time that you seek professional medical attention, advises a chronic fatigue treatment center in Logan. The earlier and sooner you seek treatment services, the higher the chances of recovering from the condition.

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