Write the Stress Off: Refresh Yourself in 5 Minutes

Salt Lake City is a writer-friendly city. There’s nature to inspire you, an artist community to collaborate with, and job opportunities that will financially sustain your passion for writing.

Finding the perfect setting where you can write is one thing. Finding the will to write is another. If you’re a writer, you know the former is easier. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve done it, curating words on paper will never get easier. Add the reality of how the muse can be flighty at times. It rarely comes, but when it finally visits you, you’ll find yourself at your desk, typing away even though you only slept for four hours, and you need coffee– with four shots of espresso.

Now, keeping yourself off the desk is another problem. Your idea of timezone is warped.  You probably researched about chiropractic services in Salt Lake City because your back pain is killing your momentum.

Here’s a list of what you can do to refresh yourself, and maybe even help your imagination further:


Download a meditation app that will mentor you on your 5-minute meditation. There are various options to choose from, including the creativity boost program. You will not need any props or a proper venue, just you and your breathing lungs.

Now, meditation is seen through the lens of ancient history and modern science. Every meditation program that aims to alleviate your stress and increase your focus is backed by clinically-validated research. The act centers on your awareness and perspective, both of which are necessary for writing.

Read a poem.

Read poetry, but not epic poetry… unless it can help you in your current writing. If you have a poetry book by your side, pick a random page, and read one poem. Because of its brevity, it will not take much of your time unless you do a close reading of it.

Despite its short form, reaching the last line provides the same effect as reaching the last word of a novel. Imagine, all that journey for less than five minutes.

It keeps your mind off from your project for a while, a time that’s enough to view your project again with fresh eyes. Being stuck is a result of staying in one thought for a long time.

Spray face with mist.

In case you missed out on a couple of shower days, having a spray mist is the way to go. Kidding aside, having one by your desk will make you feel refreshed. Choose one with a citrus ingredient for its energizing power that can help uplift your senses.


You heard of this suggestion numerous times, for sure. That is because it works. Stretching can temporarily relieve our aching muscles.

Start with a simple exercise that does not require major movement: while sitting on your chair, place your right arm behind your right hip. Twist to the right side. Hold it for ten seconds before doing it on the other side. Repeat thrice.

You can also look for other desk exercises that will specifically target the aching parts of your body while calming your mind.

Don’t allow writing to make you forget about your welfare. The starving and struggling writer is a cliche you don’t want to be. Take care of yourself.

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