Worried you may not be suitable for oral implants? Key things your dentist will assess before fitting

Have you heard about oral implants? Unless you have been living on the moon, it is likely that you have. A more permanent solution to lost teeth, these immovable prostheses offer wearers added stability and strength when they bite. Unlike dentures, implants cannot be lost, have a natural appearance and are the perfect way to improve speech; brilliant!

But, as with many procedures that are becoming accessible to more people, there is a bit of suspicion attached to them. Many people are convinced that they could never have oral implants fitted, as they aren’t suitable. Indeed, many dental patients are too worried to approach their dental practitioners about oral implants for fear of being told that they aren’t suited to this popular restorative procedure.

However, whether you have just lost a tooth or have had a gap in your mouth for several years, you may be suitable to have dental implants fitted in St. John’s Wood.

What makes someone suitable for having oral implants? Read on to find out!

Oral health

First and foremost, your dentist may refuse to fit dental implants near St. John’s Wood if you have poor oral health. While there is an assumption that if you have missing teeth your oral health is poor, this is not always true. Many people with a full set of teeth have gum disease and so, if your dentist feels you need to get your oral health under control, you may be turned away from having your implants fitted.

However, if you have a few missing teeth, but have no signs of gum disease or dental decay, then good news! You are on the right track to getting your dental implants from St. John’s Wood.


A clinical assessment to determine suitability for oral implants will include a set of X-rays being taken of your jaw. This is to allow your dentist to assess the structure and condition of your jaw before the implants are fitted. If your jaw is in poor condition or is deemed too thin to support traditional implants, you may be offered micro-implants as a solution or your dentist may suggest dentures or a fitted bridge.


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When you have implants fitted, there are multiple ways you can impact on their success with your lifestyle choices. If you visit your dentist regularly, brush and floss twice a day, then it is likely you are on the right track! However, if you smoke or consume excessive amounts of alcohol, then your dentist may refuse to fit you with implants.

Overall health

And of course, your overall health can impact on your suitability for having oral implants fitted.

If you have an underlying condition such as diabetes or heart disease, then your dental team may caution you about having oral implants fitted. Indeed, if you take blood-thinning medication, or have an inflammatory condition like arthritis or an underlying autoimmune disease, these can all have a negative impact on your oral implants and so, a dentist may be wary about fitting them.

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