Why Keep Your Smile Looking Happy And Healthy?

There is one organ in the body that feeds us, helps us communicate, gives shape to the face, boosts our confidence, and influences our overall quality of life – strong and healthy teeth. Seen in this light, it is very easy to accept the view of the Oral Health Foundation; that a healthy smile is a substantial asset.

Considering the multifaceted role that teeth play in our lives, it stands to reason that we need to do all we can to protect their health if we are to have them for life. This goal is best achieved by establishing a recommended oral hygiene practice at home and planning regular trips to the dental hygienist Richmond for deep dental cleanings and other preventive interventions. Routine professional dental attention is imperative to avoid the negative consequences of poor oral health and keep smiles looking their best.

Studies reveal that, on average, adults in the UK smile 11 times a day or, from a long-term perspective, more than 232,000 times throughout their lifetime. With so much time spent smiling, it pays to look into how smiling benefits us and why we should do it more often.

Day-to-day rewards of smiling

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The real value of an engaging smile is made apparent when we take a look at the myriad of ways we benefit from this infectious act.

The smile can be considered an effective stress-relieving tool. Smiling triggers biochemical processes in the brain whereby the brain is prompted to increase the production of feel-good neurotransmitters. Serotonin and endorphins are the chemicals produced by the brain to stimulate feelings of happiness and positivity. Therefore, the more we engage in smiling, the more we are made to feel happy and less stressed.

The release of serotonin has positive benefits for the immune system too so, the refrain that ‘laughter is the best medicine’ rings true after all. Furthermore, smiling can help the heart. In a similar way that it can lower stress, smiling can reduce blood pressure too and thus, reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems in the long run.

Having a positive outlook has a direct relation to life expectancy. A happy disposition can add years to your life, which is another great reason to smile. Moreover, positive changes in the brain have also been found to drive productivity levels.

A consumer study revealed some of the reasons we crack into a grin. In the UK, we smile: when the sun shines, going down memory lane when looking at old photographs, having the door held open for you, being in sole charge of the TV remote control and having a good hair day. It seems that there are loads of reasons to smile and benefit from the positivity that it induces.

To smile a happy smile for life is not brought about by chance but by a proactive attitude towards protecting dental health. This pro-dental approach not only safeguards the smile but helps you avoid unnecessary treatments and procedures that cost both time and money.

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