Why are Clinical Trials Important?

Conducting different trials and closely monitoring the results is the key to having a successful experiment done by researchers. With the help of the various trials, you can safely say that they can arrive at a conclusion that would either accept the null or alternative hypothesis.

When talking about clinical trials, its goal is to arrive at a conclusion that would benefit a person’s overall health. It is vital for the researchers to conduct clinical trials to assure them that their research is safe for use when completed and would also assist future studies.

When most countries are still affected by the pandemic, most of the people have a hard time living their lives like they used to. Now more than ever is the greatest example of there is a need to support clinical trials. Humanity is facing something new that doctors and professional people in the field are still learning so much about. In order for the clinical trial to have a result, many researchers have the paid volunteer research study, wherein they are paid to be a participant in the research or the clinical trial itself.

One example to talk about is the COVID-19 pandemic; wherein many researchers had less amount of time to conduct studies to produce an effective vaccine. Researchers and all experts in the field have successfully produced a vaccine against COVID-19. But for them to be able to make it possible, they had to conduct several clinical trials to see where they are at, what are the effects of their vaccine and what possible modifications they can still do.

For each clinical trial, they were able to arrive at conclusions that would be beneficial for their study. With that, they were able to produce a vaccine with high efficacy and currently showed promising results. Many big manufacturers were able to produce a vaccine, which is now being progressively used worldwide. 

All types of diseases are still present even when the main problem and issue is the virus. And researchers and experts are still finding new ways to treat the different conditions from before and new diseases arising. 

Again, for this to be successful and be used for the greater good, they must conduct clinical trials.

Why are clinical trials necessary?
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  • Clinical trials can help a lot of people

    For example, if a researcher can make a breakthrough of a possible cure for cancer, they need to prove that this discovery for treatment is possible. They would need to undergo clinical trials and test cancer patients, and if it has a positive outcome, it could really help many patients.

  • Clinical trials can show the researchers what works and what doesn’t work

    These trials can help researchers know whether what they are doing will have a positive outcome or not. That is why they do rigorous tests to prove whether or not their research works.

  • Innovation in Medication

    Clinical trials can help past medications be more innovative in the present time. One example of this is birth control; with a lot of research, they were able to innovate birth control pills for those who are not responsible enough to take them or those who don’t want to take them. Researchers have produced the IUD, Plan B, Depo Shots, and Implants as an alternative to pills.

  • Clinical trials can better the quality of life

    With more research being done, this could help prolong life and help cure incurable diseases. This would give researchers a better approach to help people who are struggling with life-threatening conditions.

People should be aware of how important clinical trials are and how they aid in helping end various illnesses. People must continue to support clinical trials. This way, the researchers and experts can closely monitor and gather enough data that would help them learn about the effects and the disease itself. And also help the researchers know how the treatments they conducted would show effect. This will then allow them to know if the side effects outweigh the benefit of their treatment.

In conclusion, for experts to move forward in the field of medicine and to continue curing the sick, the people must continue their support for clinical trials. On that note, people should know that researchers and experts are still learning. Still, they carry the responsibility to keep the people involved in their clinical trials safe and closely monitored. Each clinical trial is also subject to a critical plan that is systematic that follows the proper protocol; this is to ensure the safety of all the people involved.

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