When do I need a solicitor?

You do not need to be in trouble with the law to seek out legal assistance. There may be times in life where you require the services of solicitors in Portsmouth, whether you are buying a home or handling a deceased relative’s estate.

So how can a lawyer help you and is it worth seeking them out? In this article, we will discuss how a legal representative can help you navigate any legal procedure for a favourable outcome to whatever life event you are going through.

You are getting divorced

You probably did not anticipate a divorce when you were first married. However, people and circumstances change, and your relationship may suffer as a result.

Divorce can be a messy affair since you have shared a life together for a period of time and it becomes more complicated if you have children or share assets.

Even couples with the best intentions who want things to end amicably may disagree on certain aspects.

Employing a solicitor, especially where there are children involved, will assist with making the right decisions, which may counter, at times, with your own interests.

If the situation with your estranged spouse is particularly heated and ugly, a solicitor may recommend mediation to help you handle your issues with an outside third party. He or she may have training in mediation or can refer you to a professional who does.

You are buying a home

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Purchasing a home is an exciting time, but it is also highly stressful. Not only is real estate paperwork a real headache, but it can also be challenging to understand. One misstep could set you back.

At the same time, you will need someone to conduct the conveyancing process for you.

Conveyancing is the legal term for transferring property from the seller to the buyer. Some homeowners opt to do their own conveyancing, but this can be hugely problematic as it is easy to make errors if you are not clued up on property law.

At the same time, there is a lot more to conveyancing than just drafting, compiling, and signing legal documents. The responsibilities also include conducting area searches, liaising and negotiating with the seller’s solicitors and other parties involved in the transaction, such as money lenders.

Having to undertake all these tasks and knowing the steps you should take is overwhelming for a first-time buyer or anyone who is not a professional in the field of real estate.

You are the executor of a will

You will need a lawyer if someone in your family has died and, as the next of kin or the person that is closest to the deceased, you have been named the executor of the person’s estate.

This is no small responsibility to be tasked with, so it is always advised that you consult with a probate solicitor to assist you in carrying out probate, paying off debts and bills, distributing assets to beneficiaries, and settling disputes amongst family members regarding the will.

Probate law, which is primarily managing the person’s legal and financial affairs, can become highly complicated and is an endeavour made easier with a licensed professional at your side.

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