What to Do and Not to Do Before, During, and After a Massage

When it comes to massage therapy, many people think it’s pretty much straightforward. But, there are actually some things your massage therapist wants you to know so that you’ll have a better experience at the spa. So, before you go to a certified massage therapist in Pleasant Grove, keep the following things in mind.

Before: Take a warm shower

Taking a warm shower can ease your muscles, which means they won’t be stiff when you get a massage. As a result, it won’t be as painful. A warm shower can also help your mind relax. Entering a spa with a calm demeanor can make the massage a much more serene experience. As a bonus, you’ll also be more confident letting your therapist knead your whole body since you’ve just cleaned it with a warm shower.

Before: Get hydrated

Most people don’t know that getting a massage dehydrates the body as it undergoes the same amount of stress as when you’re working out. Even though you’re not exercising and only lying face down on the bed, your massage therapist will work your muscles to their limit; thus, they become dehydrated.

Before: Work out

That is why you should already work out before you head to the spa. Your muscles will already be tired after your massage, so if you head to the gym afterwards, you’ll just put more strain on your muscles when they are already relaxed. You might not be able to work out properly.

Before: Don’t eat


Having a big meal before you get a massage can feel uncomfortable. Remember that there will be pressure on your back while you’re lying face down, so your tummy is going to get squished. If you’ve just had a heavy meal, you might feel the food going back up, which is not a relaxing sensation.

That doesn’t mean though that you should starve yourself prior to your massage appointment. Have a light meal. Salads and some fruits will be enough. When you’re done with your massage, that’s when you can eat heartily.

During: Breathe

When the therapist is kneading your back or legs as if they were dough, don’t forget to breathe. Most people tend to hold their breath when their therapist tries to press really hard on sore muscles because it’s painful. However, massage therapists say holding your breath won’t help ease the pain. It’s when you breathe continuously that you’ll be able to provide those sore muscles with much-needed oxygen. This will then help them heal faster.

After: Don’t drink coffee

Now, here’s another detail that you might not know. After your massage, try avoiding a cup of coffee for at least four to five hours. That’s because your muscles are already relaxed and coffee is a stimulant that could tense them up. Just drink water instead. Or if you really want something more than just water, try herbal tea. It’s not as stimulating as caffeine, so your muscles can still feel relaxed.

Are you now ready to go to the spa and get a relaxing massage? Make sure to do these things to enjoy a better spa experience.

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