What Time is It? Summertime! Best Sports to Try During the Summer Season

People love trying new things and finding new hobbies, especially during the summer season. One fun thing to try is summertime sports — they are fun, engaging, and could possibly help you develop a skill and fall in love with them full-time!

There are a number of summertime sports that you could and enjoy and try. You could always go for intense ones if you intend to challenge yourself a bit more, or relaxing ones to help you enjoy the summer sunshine. But, whatever it is you choose for yourself, they could help you have a more active lifestyle.

Here are a couple of must-try summertime sports for you to enjoy:

Let’s Go to the Beach and Play Beach Volleyball

Now, what better sport is out there that would provide you with the summer fun and feels and at the same time allow you to enjoy a good game with your friends and family than beach volleyball? This is a family-friendly sport in which almost everyone could join in even without proper training.

After all, you are not playing on solid ground, so you could dive all you want to save that ball (beach sand advantage, of course). But, even though the official rules for beach volleyball only allow two members to play for each of the two teams, you could always just switch up the rules for fun by adding more players. The more, the merrier, and the more intense the game would be!

Learn (And Have Fun) with Mixed Martial Arts

mixed martial arts class

Now, summertime sports does not always need to have you be under the scorching heat of the sun just to enjoy the summer season. You do not always have to be outdoors and try outdoor sports; indoor sports could be fun too, especially if you dread going outside.

Now, combat sports are not ideally the best option to try, especially for beginners because it may be dangerous and most people might be too scared to try. But, once you get the hang of it, learning the different martial arts like grappling (Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, judo, or wrestling) — which you do not have to worry so much about since you are pretty much rolling on the mat all the time and have protective gears on, like a wrestling mouthguard — or stand-up combat (like boxing, Muay Thai, taekwondo or kickboxing), you would find it interesting and fun to do! Not only will you appreciate these martial arts in their true form, but you would also learn how to defend yourself.


When people think of the summer season, swimming is usually the one thing that comes to their minds. After all, it is a great and fun way to relax during this particularly hot season, right? But this time, you could challenge yourself by training and doing actual swimming. And no, not just the part of knowing not to drown or do a back float. Try to learn even just the basics of swimming. Swimming is also considered to be good for a person’s health since it exercises your muscles more with the help of water!

You could always try sports just to have fun and relax during the summer season, or you could also engage in them to be more active and get some exercise.

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