Weight-loss Hacks You Should Be Doing Now

With the ongoing pandemic etched in everyone’s mind, getting in shape has never been this important. According to the World Health Organization, the survival rate of physically fit COVID-19 patients is higher than most. And with all the restrictions the world is facing due to the pandemic, staying active even when stuck at home is becoming more vital in keeping yourself safe.

But everyone knows that losing weight, toning your body, and staying in shape is not a walk in the park.  It can be draining and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be. If you follow these ten easy-to-follow tips when you’re working out and going on a diet, your weight loss will be guaranteed.

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  1. Have a consistent schedule

    In the world of physical fitness, consistency is always the key. Whether it’s for your workout routine or your sleeping habits, having a consistent schedule will help your body adjust to the changes more easily. By going to sleep, waking up, and working out on fixed schedules, your body clock will adjust and help you avoid your biggest enemy, lazy days.

  2. Divide the time you spend working out

    Following high-intensity training routines can cause sore muscles during the first few months. But as stated earlier, consistency is the key. Don’t give yourself an excuse to miss your schedule due to too much muscle strain. Pace yourself instead.

    Divide your work out into three intervals with 4 sets each. Do it during your downtime so you can stay pumped the whole day long.

  3. Get your muscle pains out of the way

    Speaking of straining your muscles, having a sore body usually leads to uncontrollable rest days and irregular workout schedules. And as your excuses become more of a habit, giving up the routine for good becomes easier.

    To ensure your pain doesn’t hinder you from getting healthier, visit relaxing massage parlors and revitalizing chiropractors. It can even be the reward you’ll look forward to at the end of every grueling month.

  4. Use household chores as an alternative routine

    Doing something over and over again can be anti-climactic. After a few months of doing the same routine, you might find yourself getting bored with the whole thing.

    A good way to solve this issue is by spicing up your exercise with household chores. You can do squats while washing the dishes. Ironing, sweeping, and scrubbing the floors can be great upper body exercises. Mopping the floors with your feet can help you with your leg days.

    Imagine yourself waxing on and off as you become the next karate kid.

  5. Make it a competition

    Nothing motivates more than winning. Wake the competitor in you and challenge yourself to reach your goals. Find at least three people to compete with. You can set the challenge to be a race of who loses a certain amount of weight first or a test of who loses more weight in a certain period.

    You can even have the American Ninja Warrior as your goal competition in the future. The idea is to find more and more reasons to keep you going as you progress.


  1. Don’t eat and watch

    Eating in front of the TV can be dangerous for your diet. It’s the same argument used in defending why working out while listening to music is good for you. When you watch TV, you get entertained and distracted. There’s a high probability of not realizing how much you’ve been eating or how full you already feel.

    When sustenance becomes a hobby, that habit gets hard to unlearn.

  2. Eat slowly

    By eating slowly, you give yourself the opportunity of having better digestion, hydration, and, most importantly, satisfaction. So, follow what your mamma said and chew your food properly. Crunch down the food and help your body get the nutrients from it faster.

    Lastly, research confirms that your brain needs at least 20 minutes after you’ve started eating to realize that your hunger has been satisfied. Take your time, enjoy the meal, and listen to your body.

  3. Stay hydratedDrinking plenty of water regularly helps improve and boost your metabolism. Kidneys and livers have a better time flushing out toxins and waste with the help of water.

    Drinking water before a meal helps in losing weight since you’ll feel full faster. And constantly drinking water can also help in improving your endurance whenever you work out.

  4. Eat delicious food

    This is one of the most common pitfalls that cause people’s failure. The misconception that going on a diet means eating like a rabbit is so far from the truth.

    There are millions of delicious meals to cook and treats to taste even while you’re counting calories. Do not settle with eating just a steamed chicken breast and boiled celery. Look for delicious diet recipes and cook yourself a healthy feast.

  5. Have regular cheat days

    Just like number nine, not having cheat days can be problematic for your mental endurance. Getting and staying in shape takes both physical and mental strength. Stop depriving yourself of things that make you happy and use them as rewards instead. Just make sure you still stay disciplined.

The road to your destination is not going to be easy. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to take it. Always remember why you started doing it. And never forget that consistency is the key. Getting fit and staying in shape is a lifestyle.

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