Types of Yoga Poses for Activating Your Chakras

Yoga has been in existence for ages. Yogis have designed the practice to be both a physical and spiritual exercise. Most people, however, focus on the asanas or postures of yoga, while others only focus on spiritual practice. Kundalini yoga combines both by interweaving asanas, mudra {hand gestures}, mantras, Drishti {eye gazes}, and pranayama {breath} to lead to a fast and higher consciousness. Your body is a complex system with different energy systems called chakra. Chakra are the energy vortices powered by your pranayama.

These chakra are at times blocked. A yoga and meditation center is the ideal place to learn how to clear the blockage and allow you to uplift your mind and body to new heights. Meditators awaken chakra in yoga using different exercises. Here are the types of chakras and the ways of unblocking them in yoga.

The Root Chakra

This is also called the Muladhara. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles in your life. All decisions you will make hinge on your instinct for safety. Releasing the accumulated tension in your root chakra will allow you to surrender and live your life without fear. The ideal asanas for activating your root chakra are the bridge, warrior, and crow poses. These build a strong foundation for your confidence. The Ksepana mudra allows you to release negative energies while the Mul mantra marks the start of your spiritual awakening.

The Sacral Chakra


Your human desires control you. These include your ability to invent and your relationships and emotions. Opening your sacral chakra lets you get rid of bad behaviours that keep you stuck in a robot-like lifestyle. In so doing, it allows you to make decisions that are better inclined to your true nature. The asanas used to unlock your sacral chakra include sat kriya, cow face pose, and bound angle poses. The Adi Shakti mantra and Shakti mudra also make up your yoga routine to obtain your desires and release tension.

The Solar Plexus Mantra

Your physical health’s quality depends on the health of your gut. Removing the blockage of your navel will promote vitality and strengthen the very core of your being. The sun salutation, lying stretch, and boat poses elongate your body’s centre and boost your health and balance to unblock your solar plexus chakra. The Har mantra boosts your confidence to thrive, and Rudra mudra promotes your clarity, power, and concentration.

The Heart Chakra

A compassionate heart is giving, kind, and understanding. If something blocks your heart chakra, relationships will feel empty, and you will be unfriendly. To unblock it, the ideal asanas are the cobra, camel, and eagle poses. These stretch your chest and leave you peaceful yet vulnerable. The Padma mudra will welcome new opportunities and love while the Guru Ram Das mantra surrenders your heart to service and humility.

With the activation of each of the above chakra, your kundalini energy will rise. The rise nonetheless requires concentration, time, and practice to get. It can take several detox yoga retreats to achieve this since kundalini awakening a process that develops over time in a stepwise manner to reap the highest benefits.

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