Tips on How to Increase Children’s Appetite

We were all kids once. You know what you did back then. There were a lot of times when you made your mom or dad lose their temper. Laying your toys on the floor, not putting clothes in the hamper, or just being too rowdy were some of the reasons that made them want to scream in frustration. But as parents, they love their children anyway. They know that their children will learn how to manage their behavior as they grow up.

But one area that they take very seriously is feeding their children. How many times have you seen parents scolding their children who are very hard to feed? You see them almost anywhere. Sometimes even the whole selection from a lunch catering in Salt Lake City would not even have a single dish that would match your child’s taste. So how do you make them want to eat more? Appetite is a tricky thing to stimulate, but you can do something about it.


You may not know, but the environment’s temperature plays a great role in stimulating your appetite. Whenever you eat, digesting the food lets your body produce heat. Your body knows how to keep your temperature to a normalized level. That is why when the environment is already hot, you will have less appetite than normal. Your body does not need to raise its temperatures by burning food.

On the other hand, during colder seasons, your body temperature drops. To normalize its level, you need more nourishment. This is when your mind tells you to eat more. So if you have a child that you are having trouble eating, try putting them inside a colder room.

Don’t Pressure or Scold Them

Eating is supposed to be a natural thing. When you get hungry, you go find some food to eat. Kids are trickier to handle. They can be easily distracted by what they see. They can stop on their tracks when they see toys or if there is a TV in front of them. As a parent, you should do your part to eliminate these distractions.

Now if the kid can now be focused on the food in front of them and they are still not eating, do not force them. And more importantly, do not scold them. The dining table is supposed to be where you all gather as a family, and doing this is akin to shaming them in public. They tend to take this very seriously, and it might lead to stress and anxiety. When these come into the picture, it might affect their bodily functions.

When you get scared, you can lose your appetite. You would not be able to eat even when it is already time for you to do so. So let your children be. They may not be hungry at all. They will eventually eat. Do not force your children to eat. They will do so when they feel like it.

Make Eating an Enjoyable Time


Eating can be a time for you to bond with your children. It is a bodily function that has to be satiated when needed. If this is not followed, their health may be put at risk. You do not want them to develop an eating disorder. Those who have a condition such as anorexia are often insecure or depressed. If the environment they are in is full of joy and have supportive loved ones, these can be avoided. Have your child see mealtimes as activities that they can look forward to. It is key to getting proper nutrition.

Kids are hard to handle sometimes. But you should not lose your patience. If their nutrition intake gets affected, aim to correct that in a swift manner. They need their nourishment so that they can grow up as responsible adults.

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