Sports You Can Play While Staying Socially Distant

Before the health crisis, a lot of people exercised routinely by going to the gym while others played football and other physically interactive sports. Unfortunately, since the pandemic, the implementation of social distancing measures meant that sports with the participation of large groups of people were not allowed as it would expose participants to the risk of catching and/or spreading the deadly virus to the community.

But not all sports are played in large groups. There are quite a few that either you play alone or together with your family, which are very much in line with social distancing rules, with maybe a few simple safety precautions. Perhaps, the most significant difference between then and now is the vigorous sanitizing procedure that one has to go through before and after engaging in any sport.


Tennis is a great sport to play nowadays, especially if you’re playing one-on-one as there’s a distance to where your opponent stands, which is way across the other end of the tennis court, and a net stands between you like a thin, loose, barrier of some sort. All you have to do is strike a green tennis ball hard enough with your tennis racket to carry it over the net towards your opponent, who then strikes it back in return. You’re far enough away not to worry about droplets in the air that may affect you from that distance. However, as the tennis ball will be handled by both you and your opponent, make sure that both of you have washed your hands before the game. Both of you should also follow proper disinfecting procedures after the game is over. That means wiping down rackets, spraying the tennis balls with alcohol, and washing your hands, or have a shower afterward.


Yes, golf is an excellent sport for those who like to wander alone in a large rolling field, chasing a little white ball with a long stick. It’s another safe, social-distancing approved game that requires no major safety protocols other than to be selfish and not share your things with anyone, not to mention the mandated vigorous hand-washing before and after the game. If it’s a sport you can afford to play with friends, then good for you. The landscape alone is very much an immune-booster.


Cycling is a solo sport that seems to be made for the pandemic. If you didn’t know how to ride one before, now’s as good a time as any to learn. All you need is a bicycle, and off you go. Anywhere. As far away as you can go. Still, disinfecting protocols apply.



Darts is soon to become an Olympic sport and rightly so. It requires skill, stamina, and precision. And as it’s a non-contact sport, it’s very much an acceptable sport for social-distancing folks. It only requires a dartboard and some darts. Bring your own as you’re not allowed to share these days. And, of course, sanitize the darts and the board, and remember to wash your hands after the game


Running is one of the oldest Olympic sport and is definitely a sport that you can apply social distancing rules to. Make sure you are always more than six feet apart from your neighbors, and if you find yourself running alone with no one in sight, feel free to remove your face mask and run like the wind. It’s great for your heart and your leg muscles, and it’ll give you relief from being stuck indoors for too long. Of course, for safety’s safe, wash your hands as frequently as possible.


Snooker is an Olympic sport played on a table that is almost 12-foot long and just over five-foot wide. Cue sticks are used to tap colored balls into pockets located on each of the four corners of the table and in the middle of each long side. To play this game safely and within social distancing parameters, it’s best to have no more than four people in the room, with each player at least six feet apart and wearing a mask, unless you’re at home with your family. Just remember to wash your hands before you start and disinfect the snooker balls, the cue sticks, and the table when the game is over.


Swimming is also an Olympic sport, and if you have a pool at home, you’ll know what a great form of overall body exercise swimming can be. It enhances fitness, muscle-toning, endurance, and it’s stress-reducing.

If you decide to visit one of the pool facilities near you, choose one that promotes social distancing. Remember the following:

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Wear a mask in the locker or a crowded section of the facility
  • Don’t wear a mask while swimming
  • Maintain social distancing

It’s important to have a healthy body while staying in, feeling isolated during the pandemic. And if you’ve been unlucky enough to have injured yourself, it’s a safe bet that you’re probably seeing physiotherapists or getting home visits; whatever the case, make sure you’re keeping safe and sanitized and maybe once in a while, go cycling.

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