Signs of Substance Dependence and Measures on How to Combat It

One of the problems facing the family and society is addiction. It can come in many forms with different ways to treat them as well. Individuals can also get into these whether they are aware of it or not, either by themselves or through other people’s influences.

In the family, this is a very dangerous situation to get into since it affects how the whole household runs. From fathers to sons and even mothers and daughters, anybody can be a victim or worse. But to be able to help the people who are in need in this specific area, we need to be able to identify the signs.

Substance Abuse

This is one of the most common forms of addiction, and probably the most dangerous, due to the nature of some of the substances. One sign that someone possibly has it is if you notice any changes in terms of their character or mannerisms. A totally quiet or shy person can turn the tables and become more eccentric or vice versa. They’ll also exhibit a drop in terms of performance in work or school.

Denial is high when a person is addicted, so it’s best to get stage an intervention with the help of medical professionals specialising in meth or cannabis rehab. You also need to put your foot down when needed since people who are addicted to drugs will not cooperate most of the time.

Alcohol and Smoking

smokingCompared to illegal substance abuse, this is easier to identify. However, it can exhibit some of the same symptoms such as mood change or desperation for the means to spend. This one is tricky because many alcoholics and smokers justify their actions as coping mechanisms. For example, a stressed employee may want to smoke whenever break time comes.

It’s urgent that this addiction be identified and put under control because of health issues like liver and lung damage. You can support them by encouraging them to quit on their own or seek help with various support groups.

Gadget Addiction

Do you have a friend who is on social media 24/7? Or know someone who is online so much that it makes them forget to eat or sleep on time or do work they are supposed to do? Those are just some of the signs of gadget and internet addiction. While this addiction does not involve potentially dangerous substances, it can still greatly influence a change in their behavior leading to potential health problems.

This kind of addiction can show itself even as early as 4-years-old since children nowadays are more exposed to technology than ever. As someone who is responsible for them, try to put a limit on their gadget use and only allow it when there is an immediate need like emergencies.

It is important to take note that, more than anything, people who are addicted need our understanding and support. They may show signs of indifference or even hostility when we try to help them during this time of turmoil, so patience is a key factor.

Addiction is something that we can fight, get over, and bounce back from. As long as there’s help and care from the people around them, they would d surely come around for the better.

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