What are the risks to not replacing missing teeth?

Here’s the thing with having missing teeth. Gaps in the dental arch due to lost permanent teeth is a dental problem that goes far beyond being an aesthetic worry. There are additional adverse consequences to health that makes not replacing missing teeth a bigger problem. These can be issues with speech, masticatory function and even in some cases, digestion.

Up to 15.5 per cent of Australian adults are found to not have their full set of adult teeth. Out of the full set of 32 teeth, many have fewer than 21 teeth.

There is not just one cause for tooth loss. Adults lose permanent teeth due to neglecting their oral hygiene obligations, not having their teeth and gums checked regularly at the dentist, consuming a diet much too high in sugars on a frequent basis and not managing chronic conditions like diabetes.

The problem arises when these permanent teeth that are lost are not replaced by an artificial tooth replacement device. These gaps left open in the dental arch set off a chain reaction that can complicate dental health further and impact on health in various other ways.

It is to avoid these further unwanted problems that dental practitioners are at pains to point out the merits of opting for missing teeth replacement solutions like dental implants Melbourne. Popular choices like artificial tooth implants are the closest missing teeth replacement option in shape and colour and feel of natural teeth.

The cost of wearing an unattractive smile can impact your life in many ways. Here is what to consider.

Wide-ranging effects of not replacing missing teeth

Risk of gum and tooth infection increased

One of the first concerns when a tooth falls out is the risk of infection setting in. The open socket can become an ideal breeding ground for bad bacteria and germs that give rise to gum infections. Bad bacteria can even make their way deeper into the gums and reach the roots of other teeth, putting them at risk of decay as well.

Neighbouring teeth drift into open spaces

This is not a consequence that occurs overnight, but happens when missing teeth are not replaced for some time. When all the spaces are taken up in the dental arch, this allows neighbouring teeth to act like anchors to support one another and when this support disappears, teeth begin to drift into unnatural positions.

Risk of jawbone deterioration

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Another risk to be aware of impacts on jawbone health. To remain strong and provide the support it does to teeth, gums and face structure, the jawbone needs constant stimulation from the roots of teeth. When these roots disappear, this stimulation is lost and jawbone health suffers.

Dental prosthetic devices have been found to be incredibly useful in avoiding many of the detrimental consequences that can happen when teeth are lost.

Tooth replacement implants involve an implant dentist surgically inserting a metal rod into the jawbone that functions as a replacement tooth root. The procedure makes possible an all-on-four tooth implant.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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