Preparing for the End: A Guide for Loved ones

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Like every living being, there would come a time when your loved one will face the reality that death is fast approaching. People who are diagnosed with critical and terminal illnesses have more time to prepare and face such realities than those who pass away due to other circumstances.

But, despite having more time, the reality of death is still a truth that is hard to swallow. Thus, for people and families who have a loved one faced with terminal conditions, seeking help from hospice homes in Indiana  to make sure their remaining days are as comfortable as possible.

But, this is just one aspect of preparation. It’s not just preparing for the end itself but also the grief that comes after. Here are other things worth doing and keeping in mind.

1. Keep open communication lines

Although death is a reality that people face at the end of life, it is still considered a taboo and sensitive topic in most societies, or even just something that is not really openly discussed. Although it is not easy, having a dying loved one changes this.

Instead of avoiding the topic, keeping communication lines open is the key to adequate preparation. Assuring your loved one that everything will be taken care of once they leave will make the goodbye a lot easier.

At the same time, knowing that your loved one is going in peace will also lessen the grief for the ones remaining. There is no better way to know these things and have such kind of assurance than through open communication.

2. Do not be hard on yourself

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You will be mad, you will be sad, and you will, at one point, feel like life is too overwhelming that it is making you insane. Breathe and take it slow. Pushing yourself too hard in making sure that you take care of everything is not possible. Death might come anytime, but the preparation won’t still be enough, and it is not your fault.

3. Make sure to involve your dying loved one

Planning a funeral is not really something you discuss over dinner, but it is important to tackle such things, especially when your loved one is terminally ill or is in the hospice. Getting them involved in the planning and respecting their dying wishes should be a priority.

4. Accept the reality together.
Bidding this earth goodbye is not easy, so is getting left behind. Toward the end, the journey is more than just for the person passing, but also for the people being left behind. In your own ways, learn to accept the reality together. Sometimes, something as simple as transferring to hospice care makes a lot of difference.

Lastly, be present. While planning for the future is important, do not forget that the present is more important. Make use of the limited time that you have because you do not know when the end will strike. Be there, and make the most of every moment you have before it is too late.

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