Planning Accessible Vacations for Retirees with Limited Mobility

Elderly woman having her tea outdoorsPeople dream of traveling the world. And it isn’t unique to any one demographic; it’s a common retirement dream. Seventy percent of Americans cite traveling as their goal once they’ve retired. The thing is, it takes years to save enough to retire in comfort. By the time you have the funds to travel, your advanced age might make getting around difficult.

If this is your situation, you’re not alone. One out of five elderly adults experiences mobility difficulties. This makes many retired seniors feel discouraged about traveling. Fortunately, with enough preparation and the right mobility tools, independent travel is still possible for seniors like you.

Mobility Aids for Greater Independence

1800weelchair stresses the importance of choosing the right equipment to take care of your mobility needs. Companies like them offer a wide range of wheelchair and tool choices that allow you to maintain a respectable level of independence while traveling.

For instance, there are manual and powered wheelchairs, folding and rigid ones, and lightweight and heavy duty ones. Motorized wheelchairs, in particular, provide greater support and convenience in your travels.

Mobility aids aren’t limited to just regular and power wheelchairs, either. Walkers, canes, motorized scooters are useful in helping you to your feet, too. It’s best to do a trial run of before buying or renting a mobility aid for your travel, regardless of whichever you choose.

Consult with professionals to find the best mobility product that fits your needs. Moreover, make sure to consider all your health challenges and requirements. Is mobility assistance all you need? Will you use portable oxygen or other assistive health equipment? Your answers would affect not just the mobility tools you’ll need but also your travel and accommodation plans.

Stress-free Travel

Elderly woman using a mobility aidTraveling with mobility aids is less stressful than it was before. The growing movement for accessible tourism has spurred on organizations to be more mobility- and disability-friendly.

Airlines are increasingly more accommodating towards travelers with mobility aids. Airport assistance is free of charge. The best news? You won’t need to pay any additional fees for your mobility aids. This applies whether you stow it as carry-on or checked baggage.

Different airlines have different policies for storing special equipment, though. Make sure you inform your airline beforehand about your motorized wheelchair or scooter. They’ll need to account for its weight and may ask about your equipment’s battery for safety reasons.

Accessibility-friendly Destinations

Countries and cities are becoming more mobility-friendly, as well. Traveling independently won’t be a problem as long as you carefully choose your destination and prepare well.

You’ll find many cities with wider sidewalks, more mobility ramps, and wheelchair-accessible tourist attractions. Many cities also have accessible transportation systems and taxis with wheelchair ramps. Some cities even have dedicated paratransit systems.

Seattle, Denver, and Portland are just some of the most accessibility-friendly cities in the US. Meanwhile, Sydney, Australia; London, UK; and Dubai, United Arab Emirates are ideal destinations for overseas travel.

If your preferred travel destination is not an accessible area yet, don’t worry. As long as you prepare for all possibilities, there’s no need to leave it out of your travel bucket list. Just bring portable wheelchair ramps, spare tires, batteries, and other accessories you may need.

Reduced mobility is no reason to forget your dreams of traveling. The movement for accessible travel and tourism has helped make travel possible for people with mobility and disability issues.

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