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The wonders of technology and innovation have paved the way for a new era of dental treatments and methodologies. Never before have dental practitioners been able to create and view their patients’ teeth in such detail, and, through the use of cutting-edge tools and technologies, are now able to provide for their patients better than ever. Historically, those who had lost either one or more of their teeth would have very few options with which to fill in the space. Crowns, bridges or dentures would typically be their choices – all of which work by sitting on the patient’s gum line. However, they do not allow for the support or strength that is provided by natural teeth. Nowadays though, it is possible to almost completely replicate the strength and durability of a natural tooth, through dental implants in Melbourne, and completely restore the smile of someone who has lost a single or a number of teeth.

All-on-four treatment


One procedure which is testimony to the advancements that the digital age has propelled cosmetic dentistry into, is all-on-four treatment. This process never existed prior to recent technological innovations, and it allows an entire set of teeth to be fixed permanently and comfortably in place with just four dental implants. This is a revolutionary method of full-mouth rehabilitation which can completely restore both speech and the ability to chew freely to those who opt for treatment – in as little time as just one visit to the dentist’s chair. This is in contrast to conventional dental crowns or bridges, which usually require the patients to make several repeat visits to track the progress of the treatment.

What does all-on-four treatment involve?

Anyone who has lost all of their teeth, and wishes to solve the issue in such a way that they can enjoy a full set of healthy teeth, ought to seek out all-on-four treatment from a trusted cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic specialist with whom they feel comfortable. The all-on-four process initially begins with an initial assessment of the patient’s current dental health, before taking extensive photographs and impressions through a CT scanner. These impressions are then studied by cosmetic orthodontic professionals, to determine where best to place the four dental implants which will form the four corners of the patient’s new teeth. After the strategic placement of the implants has been determined, they will be permanently embedded within the bone structure of the patient. This is carried out through a small dental operation, and afterwards the titanium alloy tooth root will be given a short time to heal. During this healing period, the titanium alloy within the implant and the bone tissue within the patient’s jaw will bond themselves together. After this fusion has happened, the four implants act as solid, fixed points to which dentures are permanently bonded, with two on the top set of teeth (one on either side) and the same on the bottom. After this point, the patient’s new smile will be fully and permanently formed and will last them an entire lifetime, without any return visits to the dental chair, other than normal check-ups, if they are properly cared for and looked after.


All dental treatments carry potential risks. Contact your local dental team for more information about the procedures mentioned in this article.

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