One Trick to Lose Belly Fat: Is There Such a Thing?

If you’re bothered about the unwanted fat around your midsection, you have probably searched the Internet to find ways to lose it. While doing so, you may have encountered promising and too-good-to-be-true headlines like, “Drop your belly fat with this one simple trick,” “Eat this before bed and melt your fat like crazy,” as well as “This new discovery to losing fat leaves doctors speechless.”

Do these “weird” tricks work?

As amazing as these headlines may seem, there is no single trick to get rid of belly fat instantly. An effective fat and weight loss reduction involve a combination of things like eating the right food, doing whole-body exercises, and managing stress. You are likely to get good and long-lasting results with this combination than relying on that one weird trick.

What’s the deal with these headlines?

The main goal of companies creating these headlines is for you to click their ads (to generate views) or sell their products. What they do is pique your curiosity by using hyperboles and superlatives in headlines, and withholding important details to encourage you to click on the post. They rarely care about helping you lose belly fat in the best or healthiest possible way.

Is there one special exercise to burn belly fat?

Many believe that doing ab exercises like sit-ups and crunches can help you lose or burn fat. This is not necessarily true, as what they do is only strengthen your abdominal muscles. You need to engage in a combination of resistance training (weight lifting) and aerobic exercises, along with controlling your portion and eating lots of fiber and protein.

What can help?

Committing to adopting a healthy lifestyle helps. You can also try non-invasive fat reduction procedures that can kill fat cells. One good option is CoolSculpting, which uses Cryolipolysis or fat freezing to effectively reduce fat. It features a handpiece (of different sizes) and exposes the targeted fat cells to cold temperatures, triggering natural cell death.

CoolSculpting clinics in Salt Lake note that this FDA-approved procedure won’t harm the surrounding skin or tissues. This is not the same as surgical liposuction, as it doesn’t involve cuts, incisions, and anesthesia. It can reduce about 20% to 25% of fat layer thickness in one treatment, with results that are usually seen between two to six months or more after the session.

Why you should ignore those weird tricks and supplements?

Eating healthy food for weightloss like fruits and vegetables

There is no doubt that those tricks seem promising and tempting, but they are never worth. Besides, there are actually no FDA-approved miracle supplements or diet pills that can burn belly fat in a short amount of time. There is also the risk of doing more harm than good by swallowing a pill or trying whatever that weird trick is, as they are not backed by research or strictly regulated.

Ditch that “one simple, weird trick and lose belly fat” by focusing on a healthy lifestyle. You can also talk to a doctor or dietician about helping you find the right diet plan to lose belly fat. If you are considering an aesthetic treatment like CoolSculpting, on the other hand, contact an aesthetic doctor to find out if you’re a good candidate.

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