Maintaining a Calm State of Mind: Self Care at Work?

It’s no secret that the modern workplace is a mixed bag of emotions. There’s the stress of the demands of the job, the assorted highs and lows when going through a project together, and the overall relentless feeling of the grind.

With your emotions all over the place, it’s important to remember to stop for a moment and bring your attention back to yourself. Think of them as mini detox retreats for your soul—a way to keep yourself centered throughout the day. Or if you have the time, take a calm and serene retreat in a beautiful and quiet location on a weekend.

The next time you may be feeling a little scatterbrained at work, or just a little lost inside, here are a few things you can try:


Whatever it is you are doing, just stop. Sometimes, we get too wrapped up in what we’re trying to accomplish and we end up failing. When things get a little too heated, confusing, or dull, just stop. Make yourself feel relaxed in a state of non-activity, even for a short time.


For those who have time to spare, mindful meditation can go a long way, especially in high-energy workplaces. With everything moving so fast (and most often outside of our control), meditation is key to reasserting ourselves in our environment. It’s been proven to give your brain a boost by allowing it to reset internally, and this can do wonders for your mental health.

Change your surroundings

Cubicles can be suffocating. If your work allows it, try moving your workspace to another part of the room or anywhere around the office. Being in a new environment motivates your brain to take in everything with a fresh view, which can help in your tasks.

Talk to someone

Self Care at Work
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People are naturally social and the workplace offers wonderful opportunities to socialize. If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, find a friend, an advisor, or even someone you know to chat with for a while. This allows you to stop hyper-focusing on your task, gives your brain a short break, and gives you a chance to breathe with someone else.

Ask questions

All too often, work is given to employees under the assumption that they immediately know what to do with it, This can often trick the brain into complacency. More than that, it establishes a rhythm that isn’t very helpful for creative outbursts, which are essential to some workplaces. Asking yourself a simple question, such as “am I doing this right?” can give you the pause you need.

Acknowledge your feelings

Finally, it’s important to be comfortable with the fact that things may be hectic at the moment. No workplace is always in a state of smooth sailing; many things happen that you can’t immediately control. Being comfortable with the unknown, the new, and the now is the best way to find your center and tackle the work with a good mindset.

While work isn’t necessarily an oasis of calm, you can find brief respite in the moments between tasks. For a short while, remember that you are fully where you are when your mind might be elsewhere. Soon, you’ll realize that work is simply working—less of what is given to you, and more of how you respond to it.

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