Knowing your competitors for good dental marketing

The promotion of good oral health and beautiful smiles has become widespread, and the last few decades have seen a significant increase in the number of dental practices alongside advances in dental technology. There are now multiple dental practices in each town and village, and dentistry has become a busy market, so it is more important than ever to make sure that you have a good dental marketing system in place so that you are not losing potential patients or existing patients to your competitors.

Google My Business


The first step to do this is to make sure you know who your competitors are and what they are offering. You can do this by finding out which dental practices are listed on the map pack for dentists in your area. Simply by typing in ‘dentist in’ followed by your location you will be presented with a map of your local area, the name of the dental practices and their Google rating. It is of utmost importance for good dental marketing that you are also on this list. To get on this list you need to create a Google My Business page. This is a free tool provided by Google where you create a business page for your dental practice and add your contact details and any other additional information that you would like potential patients to know. By clicking on the websites of the other dental practices on this list you will know who your competitors are and you will be able to check out their websites to find out exactly what they are offering, which areas of dentistry they specialise in and how they are going about their dental marketing. You can learn from the ones with the highest Google ratings but you can also learn from those with lower ratings as to where they are going wrong and what to avoid.

What are your competitors offering?

Another way of finding out what your competitors are offering is to sign up to their emails or newsletters. In this way you can make sure that you offer the same treatments, services and promotions for your existing patients but you can also try and go one step further and stay ahead of the game to lure potential patients towards you rather than the other practices in your area.

Google Reviews

Once you have put together your Google My Business page and put your listing on the map pack of Google search results for dentists in your area it is important to make sure that you have excellent Google reviews and maintain a five star rating where possible. There are many ways to do this and by putting time and effort into creating and maintaining a five star status you will help your dental practice stand out. You will see a great boost in website traffic and patients at your practice because you will be showing visitors that you are

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