How to Practice Self-Care When You Have Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy can be a complicated condition to treat. There are so many places to seek neuropathy treatment in the United States, anywhere from Long Beach to New York. Their services can significantly alleviate symptoms, but beyond this, the best treatment you can provide yourself is self-care. Here is a helpful self-care checklist that you can keep with you to get your health back on track:


Massages improve blood circulation which stimulates nerves. This may temporarily relieve any pain you feel. You can massage your own hands and feet or have someone massage them for you. Alternatively, you can also invest in massage tools like a massage chair, foot massager rollers, massage balls, and wooden reflexology hand massagers. These tools are incredibly convenient and not that expensive. Rather than tiring yourself out by massaging yourself, you can take these out and soothe yourself with these tools instead.

Relaxation techniques

Teaching yourself relaxation techniques is an effective way to manage pain from neuropathy. There are plenty of online videos and mobile apps that provide guided meditation sessions as well as deep breathing exercises to help you get started. You can also try yoga, tai chi, and blend stretching to help ease muscle pain and reduce stress and improve posture, which are things that might exacerbate the pain you feel.

Soak your feet

Warm foot baths help blood circulation and will significantly relieve foot pain. You can also add in Epsom salt to your foot bath. Epsom salt has been known to help with inflammation due to the body absorbing magnesium through the skin. It is full of magnesium which boosts levels of minerals in the body and decreases inflammation. Be careful with the temperature you use for your foot bath, though. If there is a loss of sensation in your hands and feet, you might not feel the damaging effects of extreme hotness or coldness. Have someone run the bath for you or use a thermometer to check the temperature to ensure that you won’t injure yourself.

Quit smoking

Smoking narrows and damages peripheral blood vessels, which can worsen symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Quitting smoking can improve your blood circulation and generally healthier blood vessels. On that same note, avoid alcohol and only drink it in moderation. Alcohol has potentially toxic effects on nerve tissues, which may lead to alcoholic neuropathy due to excessive alcohol consumption. Damage to nerves due to alcohol abuse can further reduce your mobility and you may lose bodily functions if you do not manage your alcohol consumption accordingly.

Eat healthy

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Diabetes is one of the leading causes of peripheral neuropathy. That is why it is important to adopt a diet that lowers your blood sugar levels. Processed food that causes significant sugar spikes like sweets and snacks can exacerbate neuropathy symptoms. It is recommended that you eat a diet that is rich in fiber and low in simple carbohydrates. Stock up on antioxidant-rich foods, high-fiber foods, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

These are simple but effective ways to manage your peripheral neuropathy symptoms through self-care. Professional treatment can only do so much. It is important to take the initiative of caring for yourself too.

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