How to Manage Life with Braces

A nice set of teeth always promotes self-confidence and builds up your self-esteem. It’s amazing how having nice teeth can make you look like a whole different person — in a positive way, of course.

If you are naturally born with nice teeth, then congratulations because you are one of the luckiest people in this world. If not, then fret not, as you can now easily get braces to align your teeth.

Here, we will discuss some tips on how you can live your best life even with braces. We know it can be such a hassle, so we’re giving you tips to follow after having your braces done at a family dentist in Longmont.

Practice Eating Soft Types of Food

After getting braces, you will definitely feel it tightening, which can make it uncomfortable to eat even the softest food. You most likely would not be able to eat solid types of food for the first few days, so make sure to stock up on soft food and liquids. Run to the grocery store and get some soup, noodles, oatmeal, smoothies, and scrambled eggs.

You will most likely need to have your braces adjusted every month. You will also experience pain and discomfort after each adjustment, so always have these types of soft food handy.

Avoid Smoking and Always Clean Your Braces

Cigarettes have high amounts of nicotine, which can stain and ruin your braces. Steer away from smoking if you have braces, so you can avoid the metal and rubbers from building up nicotine, which is definitely not a good look for your braces and your teeth.

You should also clean your braces right after eating. Brush your teeth thoroughly and buy special cleaning tools that your dentist will recommend. Ask them how you can brush your teeth with the braces on to maximize the cleaning effect.

Always Check Your Braces

dental braces check up

Check your braces for loose wires and missing rubbers. Loose and broken wires can poke your gums and tongue, which can be painful. Always take a look at the mirror and give your braces a good check every now and then. If you find a loose or broken wire, then visit your dentist right away and have them repaired as soon as possible.

If it’s still bothering you, then ask your dentist if you can get a wax to lubricate the wires so it would not poke your gums and tongue.

Buy a Mouthwash

If you want your teeth to be extra clean even with braces on, then go ahead and use mouthwash regularly. Use one that has hydrogen peroxide antiseptic as an ingredient since this can help reduce inflammation in your gums and cheeks caused by braces. Mouthwash can also help get rid of and prevent canker sores, accidental cheek bites, and irritation from braces.

Always ask your dentist about proper oral hygiene when having them put your braces on. Ask how you can reduce the irritation so you can live your best life!

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