How to Have a Clean and Healthy Smile

The teeth are exposed to many degrading factors. Think of all the foods and drinks we consume: some are acidic, some are basic, some are hot, some are cold. All of these properties can be potentially harmful for the teeth in the long run. Teeth naturally age over time, just like any other part of the body. However, by taking some relatively simple steps, anyone can improve both the health and the appearance of their teeth.

Dental hygiene

Maintaining the appropriate oral hygiene is one of the most important things to do when it comes to a clean and healthy smile. The oral cavity contains some bacteria, which occur naturally. As these bacteria feed themselves on the simple sugars found in food debris, they produce acids as part of their metabolism. The acids these bacteria produce are capable of causing the erosion of teeth by dissolving the mineral content of them. To prevent the overgrowth of these bacteria make sure to brush and floss teeth regularly (twice a day) and occasionally use an antibacterial mouthwash.

A dentist in Buckinghamshire also offers various dental hygiene treatments. During these treatments a dental hygienist removes the plaque that might have accumulated on certain parts of the teeth. The dental hygienist during the treatment also demonstrates how to keep teeth plaque by optimising the way a person brushes and flosses their teeth. Dental hygiene is not just crucial to maintain healthy teeth, but also to prevent conditions like bad breath or gum disease.

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Cosmetic dentistry

As teeth age naturally, the external layer of the teeth called enamel might become thinner over time, thus exposing the natural colour of the underlying dentin. This can give a yellowish discolouration to the teeth. Teeth can also become yellow by getting stained by e.g. smoking, drinking lots of coffee or tea, as a side effect of certain medications or even by the excessive use of mouthwash. By taking preventative steps, the aging of the teeth can be slowed down; however, unfortunately it is not possible to stop it. The teeth whitening treatments a dentist in Buckinghamshire offers can provide a solution for stained teeth. Teeth whitening is safe: it is done by using a safe and effective dental bleaching formulation. The results patients get can be various, as it is influenced by both the initial colour of the intact teeth, and the type of staining that has occurred.

Two different types of teeth whitening are available: the first one, named power whitening, happens mainly at the dental practice. During this process a gel is applied on the teeth, which is restricted by protective appliances, and is activated by a lamp. This can provide results in almost an hour. The second type is home whitening, where patients get a personalised, light tray that fits their teeth. This will have to be worn for a few hours every day or night while it contains the bleaching agent. This method starts to produce results in approximately 2 weeks. Consult a dentist to determine which treatment option would be most beneficial.

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