How straight smiles make all the difference

Many may wonder at the significant attention orthodontic interventions like Invisalign London are receiving from patients looking to straighten their teeth but considering the weighty importance modern society confers on appearance and image, it is not really such a surprise.

The fact is there is no escaping the huge importance of looks, no matter which aspect of life is under the spotlight. Whether you are looking for your next job or a promotion, wanting to make more friends or in the search for love, a straight bright smile can greatly boost your chances of success.

What do straight smiles signify?

A healthy straight smile is considered a must-have accessory because of its unequalled influence on forming favourable first impressions and unlocking the door to opportunities. What is the relation between straight smiles and success is a valid question to ask.

The answer lies in the confidence gained in the wearer of an attractive smile.

Smiling is one of the easiest ways to portray confidence. A warm smile makes a convincing argument that the wearer is friendly, capable, trustworthy and approachable. In today’s world where image is considered as good as currency, a smile is no longer just a smile; it is a means to attaining success.

The impact of a pleasing smile

Do attractive people have an edge over those with less-than-desirable looks? The answer must lay in the affirmative considering the great lengths people go to and huge sums they are prepared to fork out to be seen as attractive. Research carried out in a British study has revealed that adults in Britain spend a collective £4 billion each year attempting to actualise the ideal profile photo. From staging the perfect photoshoot to travelling to foreign destinations to acquiring a new wardrobe to cosmetic medical enhancements, there are a myriad of ways employed to conform to idealised standards of beauty.


And when it comes to standards of beauty, one of the first points of interest is the smile. In a separate study concentrating on appearance in the workplace, it was found that 75 percent of the employees surveyed supported the opinion that having an unattractive dental appearance held a negative effect on their confidence at work. Those who did not like the look of their teeth were less likely to wear a smile in pictures for work purposes, be it their work passes or their profile pictures on LinkedIn.

Even once a job candidate has made that good first impression and achieved their goal of securing a job, the confidence provided by a straight smile continues to play a role. Employees with a straight smile are more likely to benefit from promotion opportunities as they are perceived to be more capable and trustworthy.

Another factor that should not be discounted that improves one’s employability is health. Employers equate health with productivity and it would only be expected that healthy employees make for a productive workforce. A productive workforce is better able to help drive company profit margins. A healthy straight smile plays its part in contributing to good overall health.

Considering what a pleasing smile signifies and its impact on various aspects of life, it is clear that a smile can be that x-factor that makes all the difference.

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