How Skin Consultation Works

Every day, we are bombarded with images of what beauty looks like. Most of the time, this involves clear, flawless skin. As a result, we are more concerned than ever about how our skin looks and feels, thus giving rise to a gigantic skin care industry.

More than looking good, however, taking skin care seriously makes people feel much cleaner and healthier. If your skin is full of dirt and blemishes, it can also feel very uncomfortable. For example, many with acne find themselves prone to scratching their faces. As a result, skin care has evolved to also consider the biological needs of the skin, such as moisture and nutrients, in order to enrich the skin beyond making it look good.

Such is the emphasis on good skin care practices that skin care consultation and analysis can now be done online. In Australia and in other developed countries, it is possible to sign up for online consultation and have a specialist recommend a skin care routine that suits your needs and goals. This allows you to save yourself the time of going to a physical check-up and enables you to seek out experts from different parts of the country.

Here is how a skin analysis usually goes:

The beginning

The first step is to choose what kind of consultation you would like to depend on your needs. For example, an anti-aging consultation will focus on how to prevent the buildup of wrinkles and other signs of aging. On the other hand, acne consultations are for those who want to mitigate acne and remove blemishes.

When you first start your consultation, you will typically be asked to remove any makeup or cosmetic products from your face. This is because makeup can mask any blemishes and uneven skin tones. You will also be asked to relay information regarding your skin concerns, diet, lifestyle habits, and medications.

What to look for

At first glance, skin experts can already tell if you have oily, dry, aging, or highly sensitive skin. They are also able to get a general sense of what skin conditions you are dealing with.

One of the things that skin experts look at during a consultation is your skin type. This includes how much oil your skin produces, as well as whether or not your skin tends to turn red and is easily aggravated. These will be the basis with regards to what kinds of products and treatments will be recommended.

Your skin condition will also be observed in detail. This includes whether or not you have any blackheads, wrinkles, or signs of sun damage present. Your skin will also be observed for moisture levels and signs of dehydration. Based on the findings, a general idea of how these should be treated will be presented and explained to you.

Moving forward

skin procedure

Based on the findings during the skin consultation, you will be prescribed a personalized skin care regimen that will help address your skin conditions. You will also be given treatment, diet, and lifestyle recommendations for you to attain the healthy skin you’ve always wanted. Skin care experts will also be in touch and easy to contact, and they will continue to answer questions and provide support as you embark on the journey towards flawless and healthy skin.

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