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Being accused of a criminal offence can be a stressful and degrading experience with life-altering consequences and you may want a robust and experienced lawyer in your corner handling your defence. A criminal solicitor will be able to handle your case from the outset. Whether you’ve simply been asked to go into a police station for questioning regarding a crime or are accused and arrested for one, a crime solicitor will help you through the experience giving you the best chance you have of clearing your name.

Types of criminal offences

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Under the law of the United Kingdom, there is a table of offences that are arranged in classes from A-K. Lawyers can defend any of these classes, no matter the charges brought against you, as it is your right to seek out legal representation, no matter what you have been accused of. Sexual offences and fraud cases have their own categories. Other offences solicitors may defend you on your behalf as well are:

Murder and manslaughter – working alongside some of the most formidable barristers in the country we will be able to handle your case with the highest level of skill and expertise, knowing the risk of life in prison that you stand to face should you be accused of murder or manslaughter. We have the experience behind us to see you through, having defended cases of gang-related murder, revenge killings, domestic and honor killings, honey trap murder, contract assassinations, and discrimination murder as well as a range of manslaughter cases. Your life and reputation is important to us and we aim to see your case on the list of the many success stories we have.

Violent crime – such as (but not limited to) grievous bodily harm, actual bodily harm, common assault, robbery, and kidnapping will be defended with new and effective specialist practices against prosecution guidelines that were set out in the 1800s. Even if the prosecution is using intimidating things like forensic evidence against you, we can still create a strong case in your favor with our own leading advocates and forensic experts.

Serious drug offenses – these usually involve the import and supply of quantities of serious drugs such as heroin, cocaine, amphetamines, synthetic drugs, and cannabis. They are usually investigated by authorities who overreach their boundaries becoming highly intrusive in which case one of our experienced specialist lawyers will step in to remind them of your rights as well as defend your case should charges be brought against you.

Terrorism – UK laws allow for the investigation, interrogation, and sentencing of both domestic and international terrorists within the borders of the country, this means that anyone facing this kind of investigation or charges have the right to legal counsel and representation from criminal solicitors.

Solicitors for criminals are there if you need representation for any of the charges listed under any class in the table of offences. You may call us to arrange representation for yourself, business, or family.

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