Common Eye Problems in Adults

Survey shows that more than 47% of Americans are worried about having eye problems when they get older. As people get older, more complications in the eyes happen. It is usually caused by different diseases that are more common in adults than in children. Diabetes and vision loss are examples of what generally happens in grownups. Although it can still be treated, the risks are more likely to increase as well.

An eye specialist must make a diagnosis of the problem. The ophthalmologist is the one in charge of taking care and curing the affected eye. If you are feeling any difficulty with reading or having strange sensations with your eyes, it is best to consult a doctor immediately. Cure or surgery will be discussed, and the time frame is essential to lessen the pain at least.

Here are some of the most common eye problems in adults:

1. Glaucoma

This disease is usually characterized by the loss of vision due to damage in the optic nerve. There are two classifications of glaucoma. The first is an open-angle that occurs gradually. It does not feel any pain nor difference in the eyesight. A person will only know that it is open-angle glaucoma once the vision is lost. The second type is closed-angle, which has symptoms of redness and discomfort. The vision may be affected immediately. A person experiencing glaucoma must seek the help of a doctor. Through their diagnosis, treatment or surgery can be done. There are different types of glaucoma surgery. Talk to an ophthalmologist on the best healing process for you.

2. Cataract

Clouding vision of the eyes is called cataract. It can eventually lead to blindness if not treated. Adults have this disease slowly due to physical complications they are experiencing. Sometimes, children also have this problem. Although it can still be treated, surgery may be expensive. Other ways of helping the eyesight are with the use of eyeglasses. Consult a doctor on the treatment you can have for this type of disease.

3. Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

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The macula is the middle part of the retina, which helps a person focus on something. As a person ages, this macula is progressively damaged, making it hard for the eyes to see clearly. There are also two classifications of this disease. Wet AMD happens when blood leaks below the macula. Scarring may occur, which can lead to blurry vision quickly. The second type is dry AMD. It happens over time as its cells break down in the macula. There is no more cure for Age-Related Macular Degeneration. The only recommendation doctors can give treatment on how it can progress more slowly.

Eye problems may happen over time as people get older. The best way to prevent any of these from happening earlier is to take care of the eyes. Be careful using your eyes. It also gets tired of all the light it sees. Keep it rested for several hours to avoid getting an eye grade.

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