Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize: Is the Three-Step Routine Effective Even for Men?

While DNA matters, great skin goes way beyond that. Your daily lifestyle choices play a huge role in how your skin will turn out.

There are tons of skin care tips for women in Salt Lake City, mostly consisting of varying opinions on how to do it right — from how to properly moisturize to what SPF you should get for the ultimate sun protection. But, how about the other half of the population?

So, below, we have a simple skin care routine that will suit men.

1. Use a gentle soap to wash your face.

Start by taking all the dirt and grim off from your face. A common mistake many men make is using a bar of standard bar soap to clean their faces.

While this may be easy, it actually does more damage to your skin, as bar soaps strip your skin off of its natural oil way too much, leaving it completely dried out. When this happens, the body’s natural reaction is to produce more oil, which will eventually lead to breakouts.

So, switch to a gentle, hydrating soap that’s specifically formulated for washing your face, Do it at a minimum in the morning and at night before bedtime.

2. Use a toner to re-adjust your pH level.

The skin has a thin layer called the acid mantle. This part acts as a protection against viruses, bacteria, and other harmful elements that may seep into the skin. In simple terms, pH refers to a scale used to measure how well your acid mantle works.

Whenever you wash your skin, you’re also taking off some of the natural protection it has, which can affect your pH levels and leave you vulnerable to harsh external elements. With the right toner, you’ll be able to rebalance the pH levels of your skin.

That’s why many dermatologists suggest using a gentle toner right after washing your face. Then, pat your face dry with a clean towel, get some cotton pads, and apply the toner evenly on your face. Wait until it’s air dried before you apply your next skin care product.

3. Moisturize and apply a decent amount of sunscreen.

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Even with a gentle cleanser, your skin may still feel a little dry after. So, get yourself a nice jar of moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated without producing any excess oil. The sun’s harmful rays are the biggest cause of premature skin aging, in addition to increasing your risks of developing skin cancer.

That’s why if there’s a single skin care step you shouldn’t miss, it’s wearing sunscreen. When choosing a product, get one that has at least SPF 30 but nothing more than 50.

According to skin care specialists, anything that goes higher than 50 doesn’t really offer added protection at all. Apply generously on your face and neck after the toner you’ve previously applied has air dried.

Like with the ladies, no men share the same skin conditions. As such, there’s not a single approach when it comes to skin care. But, stick to the basics, and you’ll definitely see results.

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