Be Careful What You Wear: Dangerous Clothing Items

When people are thinking about what clothes to wear, they don’t often consider the health problems that they might cause. But there are some items that people wear or put on every day that can be dangerous to them in the long run.

If you want to know you’re safe wearing something, here is a list of items that you should look out for.

High Heels And Other Footwear

The primary item that you will find a complaint about is high heels. While women are the main complainants, some men also wear shoes with higher heels sometimes. This is mainly to look taller. Women wear it to look sexier and a bit more aggressive. The trouble with high heels is that they raise your heels to an unnatural position. You will immediately notice that this puts a strain on your feet and your back. If you keep on wearing high heels, the main trouble won’t be from aching feet. The position that the heels make you stand in can result in back pain and rounded shoulders.

It is not just high heels that can cause problems for your feet. Shoes with flat soles may seem safe, but they bring another danger. Flat soles mean there is no support in the shoe for your feet. This can lead to your feet turning inward, which makes it even more difficult to walk. It can get even worse since these shoes lack shock absorption. If you walk for a long time, then your feet will face a lot of punishment.

Even simple flip-flops can be a hazard if worn for long-range walking. For one, they are like flat-soled shoes and lack any support. Additionally, they are completely open and can expose your feet to various dangers. The flip-flops are fine for a simple walk to the swimming pool or the beachside, but don’t wear them for miles of walking.

Heavy Bags

Carrying bags around is a common enough occurrence. But there is such a thing as using bags in the wrong way. The main problem is that many people like to load up their bags, especially shoulder and handbags. It might be convenient for you but heavy bags put a lot of strain on your body in different areas.

First, your back is going to feel it. If you are using a basic shoulder bag, your body will start to curve to the side of where the bag is. If you walk around like that, your posture is not going to benefit from it. Even if you shift it from shoulder to shoulder, it will cause discomfort and posture problems. Backpacks can help with it since they can spread out the weight of the bag.
It can still cause back problems if the backpack is too heavy. If you carry heavy bags around too often, you might need treatment for back pain. Medication is a common choice but alternative treatments like chiropractic methods and treatments for back pain are becoming just as popular
Next, your shoulders are going to feel sore. Shoulder pain will come from both the pressure of the weight and how the strap can dig into your flesh. If you wear the bag for too long, there will be bruising. Friction can also cause wounds if you are not careful.

Toxic Fabrics

Most modern clothes are made of synthetic fabrics. This allows them to be very affordable. The problem is that these fabrics can be very toxic. When you wear them close to your skin day-in and day-out, they will be able to affect you directly. The most dangerous is polyester, which is a fully synthetic fabric. The problem with it is that too much exposure to it can lead to rashes and eczema.

You can even absorb it into your skin. When your body heats up, the polyester’s microscopic particles can melt and then enter your body through the skin pores when you sweat. It is not just polyester. Other synthetic fabrics can also be dangerous. Rayon is another prime suspect with the fabric releasing a toxic substance that causes headaches, vomiting, and more.

It can be surprising what can hurt you if you wear them too much. Some of these items are notably uncomfortable already so it should be simple to ditch them or get some alternatives. If you do have to wear them, you’ll need to be more careful and be aware of what they can do. You should also consider the reason why you wear them. If it is just vanity, then better skip them. You don’t need to suffer for fashion’s sake and it is better to be healthier in the long run.

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