Are You Worried about Leaving Your Parents Who Want to Age in Place? Check This Guide

Starting your own life can lead to leaving your parents’ household. Whether it be for marriage or career, you’ll need to go through this transition. It’s going to be hard, especially if your parents are already in their senior years. Harder for you if they decided to age in their household without anyone to look after them. How are you going to guarantee their welfare and safety if they want to age in place?

Nonprofit organization AARP claims that 76% of Americans age 50 and older prefer to remain in their current residence. Seventy-seven percent would like to live in their community as long as possible. If your old parents wish to live in their homes as they age, you should at least consider their safety and health. Give yourself peace of mind before leaving them. Carry out these tasks for your senior parents’ security and well-being. You want to make sure they’re safe while navigating their own world.

Secure the house

Alarming data published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics says elderly violent crime victims were almost twice as likely as younger victims to be victimized at or near their homes. It will be hard to look after them while you’re away. That’s why it’s critical to make their home safer. You can choose from different types of door and window locks. Consider traditional ones as long as they can easily operate them.

Some electronic locks can be used with a card. Fingerprint-enabled security systems are on-demand too. Install motion-sensitive sensors and cameras to prevent intruders. Introduce them to video intercom systems. Just make sure to guide your seniors every step of the way if you decided to use a more advanced system. Do not overdo it, as your parents might feel it’s invasive. Explain to them that their safety is your main concern.

Ensure that their meds are accessible

Your parents might be drinking a lot of prescription medicines now. The last thing you want to happen is for them to forget to take them on time. Curate a detailed reminder and stick it to the fridge or cabinet. Check if the first-aid kit is always within reach. The same goes for emergency and nonprescription meds. All these should be replenished and easily identifiable. Most importantly, check their telephone lines. Their landline and extensions should all be working too in case of emergencies.

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Confirm their health status

You can come with them to their doctor’s appointment. Their doctor will surely go through their medical analysis with you if there’s anything to be worried about. There are times when doctors would advise you to have someone look after your aging parents. In this case, you can ask a trusted relative for help or check your options by contacting a home care service. Invest in devices to help them in their autonomy. Hearing aids and fall detectors might do if needed. Make sure that your lines are always available in case they need your help.

Keep them eating healthy

Keeping track of the food they’re eating while you’re not around might be a challenge. Before leaving them, stock up on foods and supplies that’ll keep them eating healthy. Fill the fridge with foods that are appropriate for their health condition. Top up the pantry with essential eats for their age bracket. Food delivery services are also an option if you’re far from them. There are services you can sign up for that offer customized meals delivered weekly. Choose methods that’ll help your seniors maintain their healthy eating habits. Follow dietary guidelines that are the most appropriate for them.

Reach out to a trusted neighbor

Your trusted friend in the neighborhood can watch out for potential dangers. It’s a good thing to inform them about your parents living across the street. Introduce your neighbor friend to your parents if they don’t know them yet. Let your parents know that they can trust this neighbor in case of an emergency. Share your contact information with your neighbor before parting ways with your senior parents. Give them your parents’ details, too. An open communication line among parties can add a layer of security for your seniors.

There’s nothing more comforting than having assurance of your old parents’ safety and wellness. Following this guide can ease your worry a bit. Meanwhile, pay them occasional visits if you can. Bring the kids for a barbecue party on weekends. Celebrate their birthdays and keep up with them regularly. Continue bonding with your parents as they age with grace on their own.

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