Is it worth enhancing the aesthetics of a smile?

The digital evolution has transformed many aspects of living in ways that many of us could not have imagined before its advent. With our heavy dependence on smartphones and instant access to information literally at one’s fingertips and the introduction to new ways of communication, we have changed the way we interact, learn, work, play and take care of our healthcare needs.

This shift in way of life has also given rise to new motivations. Unlike previous generations, our current generation of young adults (whom we refer to as the millennials) have an increased obsession with physical appearance. An attractive physical appearance directly relates to self-concept and the way we are perceived by others.

This intensity of focus on being deemed good-looking shines a spotlight on facial appearance, and the smile, which is one of the hallmarks of an attractive physical appearance. Smiles that display teeth that are not in perfect alignment or have gaps in them or are discoloured or fractured, are dental issues that detract from a pleasing smile. To correct these issues, patients have access to cosmetic dental treatments that focus on enhancing the aesthetics of teeth so that they can improve the way they appear. According to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD), the British cosmetic dental market is valued at an estimated £2.2 billion and this figure is expected to increase in the coming years.

So what are the different types of cosmetic dental treatments that patients invest in that fuels this market value? The array of aesthetics-focused treatments to improve dental appearance include teeth straightening, teeth whitening and veneers Liverpool amongst others. The demand for these types of procedures has rocketed in recent years, but there may have been other benefits to this.

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The multifaceted role of cosmetic dentistry

It is generally believed that cosmetic dentistry is mainly concerned with aesthetics, but there is much more to correcting teeth imperfections and the associated rewards are lifelong.

One noteworthy goal of cosmetic dentistry is to maintain optimal dental health. How this works is that before one can receive dental caps (veneers) treatment, for example, any underlying issues such as decaying teeth have to be corrected first – good dental health helps in the effectiveness of the cosmetic dental treatment. Once a patient sees their new look post treatment, they are motivated to protect this end result by looking after their oral hygiene practice.

Next to this, is the huge influence an attractive smile has on quality of life. When one’s self-concept is strong and positive, a person has the confidence to grab opportunities to apply for that job, or the confidence to go out and make friends or find a life partner.

In addition to a smile being a way of expression, it is a means to how one is perceived by others. Depending on the look of a person’s smile, the person can be said to be intelligent, friendly, warm, trustworthy and compassionate. The fact of the matter is that we are drawn to people with pleasing smiles.

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