Addressing all aspects of your dental practice using the 7Ps of dental marketing

Dental websites are the key to a good dental marketing campaign and without a website and a strong online presence it is difficult to get your name seen and heard in this era of digital technology where everyone is searching for their answers online. In the last few decades dental marketing has shifted to digital marketing. Gone are the days of paper marketing such as printed flyers and leaflets or newspaper advertisements, and even patient loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations have become a thing of the past. A postcard through the door will most likely be followed by a Google search to check for credibility, reviews and further information. If a potential patient types in the name of your dental practice online and you do not have a website for them to find out more about you, then you will have lost that patient’s interest and they will be looking elsewhere.

To put together a dental website which is attractive, informative and educational at the same time, helping to encourage potential patients to address their dental needs at your dental practice, it is important to speak to an award-winning digital dental marketing team who can use their knowledge and expertise to create an individually tailored, modern and eye-catching website for your dental practice.

Your dental website needs to address all aspects of your business and to do this an excellent strategy is to use the 7Ps of dental marketing, to make sure that when a potential patient reaches your website they are able to find everything they need with regard to their dental requirements.

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What are the 7Ps of dental marketing?

The 7Ps include the profile of your dental practice, the people on your team and the premises of the practice itself. These three Ps individualise your website and with a profile and brand that is memorable and recognisable in a crowd you will help differentiate yourself from your competitors. The next P of dental marketing is to do with the prices of your treatments and procedures, where you can either match your competitors, provide better offers where possible or include payment plan options which make your prices more affordable and easier to manage.

Other Ps of dental marketing are your promises of quality dental care and excellent customer service and the proof that this is what you are able to provide in the form of reviews and testimonials from previous patients. This helps encourage potential patients to book an appointment and visit you to address their dental needs, because research has shown that the majority of  people are interested in the reviews, whether they are buying a product or looking for a service. Therefore, by making sure that you have ample positive reviews for potential patients to read it will help them find out more about you and build their trust and confidence in your services.

The last of the Ps of dental marketing are the products that you are able to offer your patients in the form of smile makeovers and individually tailored treatment plans at affordable prices, which they may not be able to find at the other dental practices nearby.

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