5 Reasons You Should Try Argan Oil for Your Hair and Skin

Pop into your local skin care shop, and you’ll find you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to herbal soap — each of these promises their own benefits and advantages to you and your skin. Odds are, you might have tried them all or at least most of them — and maybe you’ve come away unsatisfied.

Rich in beneficial nutrients that include fatty acids and vitamin E, argan oil has been a popular choice recently among celebrities. There has to be a reason why this “liquid gold” drawn from kernels of the Moroccan argan tree is so famous. Here are five of the biggest reasons why.

1. It moisturizes.

The most common application of argan oil is as a moisturizer. This is due to its high content of vitamin E and fatty acids. Both have proven to give your skin a natural moisturizing boost.

The best part about argan oil as soap is that it absorbs easily and quickly. Unlike some other such soaps, those with argan oil are not greasy and leave none of the sticky, difficult-to-remove films that others have.

2. It fights aging.

Apart from being a moisturizer, the same two nutrients—fatty acids and vitamin E — also rejuvenate the skin. This gives it a youthful glow, and it also smooths out a lot of wrinkles.

These effects are due to the anti-oxidant nature of argan oil, which has proven in many tests to naturally restore elasticity to the skin on top of helping it feels plumper and much softer to the sight and touch, respectively.

3. It combats skin conditions.

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Sometimes, skin isn’t just dry. Sometimes the dryness results in nasty conditions such as eczema, which tends to result in flaky and itchy skin that eventually becomes raw when scratched repeatedly.

Application of argan oil, especially as a herbal soap, do much to repair the damage to the skin. As a bonus, the argan oil content also goes a long way to provide a soothing effect.

4. It deals with acne.

The difficulty that many other rejuvenate soaps have is that they’re a hodgepodge of different ingredients and components. That’s not a problem if your skin is relatively fine. It might be troublesome when you suffer from acne, however, as many oils exacerbate the condition.

Because argan oil is not greasy, it doesn’t carry the same risk as other oils. Quite the contrary, it helps to reduce the inflammation that is characteristic of acne.

5. It protects and heals.

One of the best benefits of argan oil is that it doesn’t just deal with skin problems, it also provides a defensive cordon around your skin. This means that it can prevent skin from drying or going sore.

It also speeds up natural healing processes. In doing so, argan oil reduces inflammation associated with some of the most painful skin conditions as well as provides a natural soothing and comforting feel as well.

If you want to try something new, something endorsed by many for its effectiveness, then you have to give soaps with argan oil a try. Not only is it effective at dealing with some of the toughest skin conditions that afflict humanity, but it also has excellent rejuvenating properties as well. In soap form, you have an affordable means toward younger-looking, soft-feeling, and healthier skin.

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