4 Daily Oral Health Care Routine Mistakes You Should Watch Out For

You probably know some people who are strict with their oral health care routines, and yet they end up setting an appointment with their dentist to undergo treatment. Being consistent with your oral health care routine is vital in maintaining that healthy and beautiful smile, but if the previous statement is any indication, ‘consistency’ is not enough — you need to do your routine ‘correctly’ as well.

Even if you brush, floss and use mouth wash regularly, there are certain mistakes you can do that won’t only render your oral health care routine less effective, but it can even result in dental health complications. As such, you’ll want to watch out for the following daily oral health care mistakes that may force you to unexpectedly book an oral surgery procedure with your trusted dental clinic in Salt Lake City:

#1 Buying the Wrong Toothbrush

Not all toothbrush are created equal, so don’t listen to anyone that tells you that they’re all the same. When it comes to oral health care, your toothbrush is arguably your best tool against dental health problems, so buying the right toothbrush is definitely a good investment for your health. Don’t just buy a toothbrush since it’s the cheapest or on sale — whatever money you save buying, it won’t be enough to cover your oral surgery down the line from teeth damage.

Get a toothbrush that has soft bristles that won’t damage your enamel coating and injure your gums. Likewise, you should choose one with small enough bristles to get between the gaps in your teeth to remove any tiny food scraps stuck in the nooks and crannies. You should also consider ‘size’ and make sure that you get a brush with a head size that allows it to reach your wisdom teeth.

#2 Brushing Way Too Hard

Everyone’s probably guilty of brushing hard when they’re in a hurry, or when they’re trying to remove a stubborn stain (or attempt to lodge out food that’s stuck between teeth with brute force). However, brushing hard isn’t doing you any favors; you’ll end up damaging your enamel coating just like when you’re using a hard-bristled brush. So, be gentle, treat your teeth with some TLC, and not like a wooden deck that you’re scrubbing off scum and dirt from.

 Oral Health Care

#3 Neglecting Your Gums

Your gums need as much care as your teeth, if not even more so. You have to remember that bacteria can accumulate in and on your gums, which can result in gingivitis and other gum problems if you neglect cleaning them when brushing your

#4 Not Waiting Before Brushing

One of the worst mistakes you can do in your oral health care routine is brushing immediately after you eat. We’ve been taught to brush after eating, but not everyone has been taught to wait for a bit before doing so. Acidity levels in your mouth increase when you eat, and this acid can soften your teeth’s enamel coating, which makes it vulnerable to damage if you brush too soon. So make sure that you wait at least 30 minutes after eating to have the acid levels neutralize so you can brush safely without the risk of damaging your teeth’s enamel coating.


Knowing the common mistakes to avoid in your daily health care routine is essential to guaranteeing its effectiveness. So, the next time you brush and floss makes sure to be extra careful and be aware of what you might be doing wrong. Do your family and friends a favor and tell them to watch out for these mistakes, too.

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